Do you get that song in your head as well when someone says wild roses? Ah, Nick, why you doing that to me? Now I have to listen to it on repeat for the rest of the day (for those who still don't know - Nick Cave: Where the Wild Roses Grow, go & listen to it, now! & take a tissue with you, you'll need it). Anyways, last week I expressed me newly discovered love for Korres lip butter & already back then I sort of hinted that there will be another Korres coming soon, and that it will be one sweet little number. Here it is - Korres Wild Rose 24-h Moisturising Brightening Cream*.
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I'm not a face cream sort of person. No, no, no. I love my oils & serums, and oils. Well, mostly oils. I just don't feel like creams work for me, and they make my skin feel strangely clogged. I even tried this one cream, ah, it was so expensive (like $60?) & I just did not like it at all (I actually feel a bit ashamed that something so fancy didn't make me happy at slightest, and I don't even remember the name of it, urgh). So facing this little challenge of testing yet another face cream did not seem very appealing to me. But hey, I like trying new products, so why not this one - it's got roses in it, can't be bad!   
Now I've tried it, I'm actually embarassed I've ever thought that this cream might be anything like the other creams I've tried. It's so not! It's like, it's like if someone took my beloved rose oil & turned it into facial cream. With all the amazing effects that the oil has got on my skin, just not as greasy looking (& scary to some), so you can actually wear it not only for night but also under your make-up on day!  
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The cream comes in a really nice simple yet fancy packaging - a heavy glass 40ml jar with dark red tint. It's got a little plastic cap under the lid, which makes it more hygienic to use, as you can only pick up the product off the cap, and you also avoid messiness under the lid. The texture is medium (it's not too thick but not too runny either), with no particular scent, yet when you apply it on your face, it literally dissappears. It leaves ZERO residue unlike other creams I've tried in the past. It sinks into your skin within seconds and you can already tell that it feels more moisturised. Already after a few days of regular usage I could see the benefits for my skin (so similar to the rose oil!) - it makes the skin very soft, sort of plump, it evens out skin tone and gives you a sort of healthy glow, if that makes sense.
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You can get this wild rose beaut from Beauty Boutique for €24.95, and if you buy it now, you get the Wild Rose Lip Butter for free! Yes!
Have you tried any Korres products?
Any recommendations what to try next?