Yes, it's another hair oil. But let's be honest - I haven't read much about this tiny (& very affordable) bottle yet! 50ml for £3.99, don't think any other hair oil can beat that! Not even my beloved VO5 Miracle Concentrate! I've been on about the VO5 oil for so long (literally been praising it for over a year now) & although I have tried a few other oils, I always came back to VO5. Now, since I got this little buddy - Carino (aka Aldi) Miracle Oil with Argan Oil*, I haven't looked back (sorry VO5!). I will use up my VO5, but well, once I run out of this one, I'm gonna just snap another bottle! 

I've noticed that a lot of people judge hair oils on quality vs price. Let me tell you something, I don't think it's such a big deal. Lower price tag doesn't automatically mean that the product can't be good. Even £1 olive oil & coconut oil do the job perfectly, so why to spend your student loan on expensive fancy bottle when you don't really need to. Of course, if you have the money & want to spoil your hair a bit, go for Ojon or just pure argan oil, but with your saved up pennies, your hair will be more than grateful for this little bottle!   

Aldi Miracle Oil comes in a 50ml thick glass bottle with a little hole in the lid for easier dosage. That's perfectly fine, especially for those heavy-handed people, who tend to splash puddles of products on their hands. This is however the only (and fairly minor) issue that I've got with the product. The hole seems just a tad too small for such a thick oil to come through, so you end up getting the tiniest amount in your hand. On the other hand, this might be just an illustration of me being one of those heavy-handed people, because I secretly do want a puddle of oil on my hand. In fact, the amount that comes out is sufficient for my hair, I just need to shake the bottle a bit to make it more runny ergo drippin out quicker! Nothing you can't deal with. The oil itself is pretty much what you'd expect from any other hair oil, it's more on the thicker side, it has got a rather subtle argan scent to it (nothing too 'oh my goood, that smells heavenly', it's just really subtle, yet pleasant). This oil claims to be suitable for all hair types and to strengthen, smoothen and seal in shine in your hair. And that's exactly what it does! What's more is that it doesn't weight down my hair like some other products (especially serums) and it doesn't make it feel oily/greasy faster. It also helps with frizziness and look-wise it seals any split ends you might have (it obviously doesn't heal them, doh! but it seals them so you can't see them!).

There are three ways how to apply this oil & although my usual way of applying it is just to rub it into either dry or wet hair, I decided to give the third way a go too. Basically, you can apply this (or I'd assume any other hair oil) into your hair before you go to sleep (a bit more liberally than you would normally do) and leave it in as an overnight conditioning treatment. In the morning you wash it off & tadaaah - you're left with silk smooth & soft hair. And yup, that's what happened! This product is absolutely brilliant for the price you pay - it's currently retailed as a Special Buy in Aldi, so go & stock up on it!

What's your favourite hair oil/serum?