The other day I started a series of posts called 'movin' places', because I'm now officially on a flat hunt for me & the boyfriend. And Cookie <3 ! So I've done my research on beds (have a read here), and so far, based on your great advise (thank you!) & some more research, I'm pretty sure that more than the actual bed, I should be thinking about quality mattress! So that's one pile of pennies on a side. Today I've decided to have a look on a tad lighter topic - lights (ha, get it? lighter topic - lights. *just being the usual hilarious self*), particularly self-standing lamps.
I've never really had a living space of such a size that I would be able to have a self-standing lamp in it, which might have added to the attraction. But, don't you think that self-standing lamps are just.. well, some of them are actual art pieces!? And I don't mean the ones above (although the boy-lamp with a little weener-switch is a damn original art piece, right? haha!), I mean any slightly different & unique self-standing lamp can totally transform the living space and give it a twist! My two (probably most) favourite types of self-standing lamps are paper lamps & spotlight lamps.    

Paper lamps have always been at the centre of my attention while walking through home sections of department stores or Ikea. I think it's the way the paper & light work together, because the light comes out softer and creates a cosier atmosphere, unlike a regular lamp which creates a rather harsh bright light. A slight con of paper lamps (probably just for me though, because I'm a little worrier) is that it makes me think that if I leave them on for too long, they will go on fire. They probably won't (and if you have such a lamp, please do tell me they don't usually end up in flames!), but just for the safer feeling - the wooden one might just do as well! 

The second type of lamps I absolutely adore are these spotlight lamps! If you wanna give your flat a really modern/like-the-movies twist, this is the way to go. They definitely don't look as puuuurrdy & cosy as the paper ones do, I dare say these look pretty cold & sterile, but with the right furniture (maybe slightly futuristic or even retro), these must look stunning in an apartment. I kinda wonder what light the one on the left projects, since it's got the metal lining as s shade *scratches head*. And I also wonder if they would work as studio lights if I got an appropriate lightbulb for it... Hmmm. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go on fire, right?

Which one would you pick?
A paper lamp or a spotlight lamp?