You must be blind if you haven't noticed the ridiculous bucket bag craze yet. It started off with the one from Zara (doesn't everything start in Zara?! statement necklaces, parkas with leather sleeves,...), then came the Chinese bucket off E-bay and then came the bucket into our good ol' Primarni. Well, I don't even know who else makes & sells buckets, but it was a tad overwhelming for me and although I did like the look, I felt like everyone had them at the moment (that hype moment is already passed, I hope, so don't worry, it's safe to take your bucket out for a walk now!), and as I always do, I jumped on the bandwagon with about half a year delay. And here I am. With my very own bucket bag. It's not a total bucket, but it's bucket enough to be called a bucket. You know what I mean.
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It's not black, which is absolutely shocking when it comes to me & handbags, it's a lovely tan brown colour. When ordering it I was so tempted to get the black version, but then I thought, oi - you've got about 4 or 5 black handbags, and no other colour! I was also a tad worried that it's gonna look too yellow/orange (the seller's images are not the most true to the real colour to be fair). It's got a really pretty & unique shape (it's sort of a bucket with the top cinched with two side straps, if that makes any sense? - it can be a bit tricky to get big items in & out of the bag, but you can always open the clasps), so it's not a true bucket, but without the cinch it would most likely be one. It comes with two shoulder straps, one shorter & one longer. The shorter one is long enough for me though (I'm a midget, muhaha!), it's sort of a longer shoulder bag for my height. I think the quality is absolutely amazing, it's very sturdy and I've put it in real test already - carried it whole day around Manchester with my massive Canon & loads of shopping in it. Just be aware, A4 documents don't fit in it properly - although in emergency you can just open the clasps leaving the documents poking out from the top a little bit.   
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Overall, I have to say it's my most favourite buy from... can you guess where it's from? No way you could guess that, because it just doesn't look like anything from there, at least I think it looks like a MUCH better quality - Oasap! It costs about £22, which might seem a lot for Oasap, but I pinky promise you (& a pinky promise is a serious one!) that this bag is totally worth it! You're yet about to see a lot of it! Check out the black version too, I might get it as well, that's how much I love it!
Have you bought any handbag from Oasap?
Feel free to leave me a link to it & tell me if you're happy with it!