Seriously - how cool does it sound?! I've seen a lipstick with friggin diamond dust in it, but never seen one with a satin powder - until now! And it's not Dior or YSL who came up with these, it's Oriflame! Let me introduce you to the first ever powder satin core lipstick - Power Shine Satin Lipstick*! Yup, these lippies have got satin powder in the outer core which helps create a literally satin effect on your lips!   
First of all, for those who are not familiar with Oriflame - it is originally a Swedish cosmetics company which soon got immensely successful worldwide, in some countries more, in some countries less. It's not your standard high street brand, it works on a principle of catalogues and a rep service, very similar to what Avon does. When I lived back in Czech Republic, Oriflame catalogue was something like your usual monthly read (together with Avon, obviously). You would sit down with your Oriflame/Avon lady every now and then, she would showcase bunch of products to you (imagine more like a little sample pampering session in your living room with all woman in your family) & leave you with a catalogue to order whatever you liked the most. I have to say, I sorta liked that concept (a very feminine family get together *giggles*) - and I do kind of miss it over here in England. For some reason Oriflame doesn't seem all that popular in the UK. Still though, you have got a chance to get your catalogue sent to you, or even just order online from the official Oriflame website, so not all is lost yet.   

Now to the product itself. Oriflame sometimes comes with a pretty quirky but actually very functional products (e.g. their infamous magic pots). Satin core lipsticks are not an exception. When I first saw them I had a feeling they were not that new, but Mr Google made this clear to me. There have been a few lipstick 'hybrids' already in the market - some of them had gloss cores, some of them had lip balm cores. None of them though contained satin powder!    

The packaging is pretty sleek - it's made of very sturdy plastic which does look a bit like metal. The lids sit on the bullets tight and are absolutely safe for any handbag action you'd require. I was sent these three shades (see below) to test, however there are altogether about 8 different colours to chose from. The bullets themselves are rather slim and twist up easily without makin any mess. The texture is very soft, almost creamy and as you can see there are two cores - the shine one & the satin one. And believe it or not, such a little detail like satin powder and it makes such a big difference to the final effect. These lipsticks feel absolutely amazing on my lips - it's not the usual moisturizing feel you'd expect, it actually feels like satin on your lips. Ah, it's so hard to describe. The pigmentation is pretty good too, considering they are so moisturizing. Stayin power is meant to be up to 4 hours, which I've to agree with - & have to say that's a pretty long time for such a moisturizing lipstick! What I appreciate is that these don't fade in patches or silly stains. Oh, and have I mentioned they smell like fresh strawberries with cream? *nom nom nom*    

This is a picture of me wearing Rose Glow - the picture was taken after wearing it for good 30 minutes or so. You can see that the colour is somehow matte (with the satin powder creating a very 'soft' look), but it does contain some slight shimmer (almost a micro-glitter? the particles are super tiny yet super bright). Overall, have to say these make a nice addition to my collection & I personally like to call them Revlon lip butters' more luxurious satin counterparts.   

These lipsticks retail for £8.45 & you can get them either from your Oriflame rep or online! Oh, there's an online offer at the moment where you can buy one for just a fiver!  

Have you ever ordered something from the Oriflame catalogue?