Since the first time I took Cookie out on a leash I've become a slightly crazy about kitten accessorising. What I mean is not just cat-themed items, e.g. my kitten dress for £8 from a brandless shop, but also things that I could actually accessorise Cookie with - such as leashes, harnesses (because he's a little crazy monster), bags & carriers and all things kitten fashion related. Oh, I don't go as far as dressin him up - although I find it hilarious, it's a tad cruel to be fair. So I put thing outfit together (so far it's imaginary, but I've started collecting the items fairly successfully - I've got the dogtooth blazer, yay!), which should illustrate that walking your kitten on a leash does not necessarily mean you are a -crazy stinky cat lady - you can be a classy on-trend cat woman!
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The human outfit is inspired by traditional autumn trends: black, burgundy & dogtooth. Not many people would probably put dogtooth & burgundy together, but that's just the way I roll - I put lace & crochet on the top of each other, so why not these two, right?  I picked up a nice neat & simple burgundy peplum top - doesn't need to be anything expensive, I've seen some nice ones in Primark & H&M not too long ago. The bottoms should be comfy - you've gonna have a kitten on a leash, so you have to assume that you might need to run! So I picked black disco pants (either AA or a dupe, up to your budget) and black flat high quality boots - these are Jacques DUO boots, and trust me, you can't get such amazing boots for a budget price, I've been trying that for years, and it's just not happening! Because noone wants to freeze to death, you should wear a blazer or a jacket - I'm currently in love with dogtooth print, so I picked this dogtooth blazer from Ted Baker (although you can go budget if you're able to find a nice dogtooth blazer - I picked up one from a brandless shop for £7 - obviously not as good quality as the Ted Baker one!). To complete the look, I picked these pretty little golden/pearl studs (they have very similar ones in Primark), some autumnal MUA eyeshadows & lipstick and deep wooden scent such as Burberry's Body
Now for the little naughty monster (because he's a Tuxedo cat, he's basically an accessory himself, haha!) I picked a nice burgundy velvet leash (you can get a velvet leash from most pet shops) and because he's a little lazie and spends most of his time on a sofa, I also picked this amazing dogtooth carrier bag (for little pups actually), just in case he decides to stop in the middle of the walk. Oh, Cookie, other kittens must be so jealous of your fashionable life!
Do you, cat ladies, take your sofa-cats for walks sometimes?
PS: This is an entry into DUO Boots blogger competition, make you're own outfit collage & try your luck here!