I really like my cream blushes (Topshop & MUA) and powder blushes (from Natural Collection to Sleek), but I've never really seen a liquid blush before. I've seen stains, obviously, but stain and blush shouldn't be the same I guess. That's why Daniel Sandler came up with this brilliant idea - liquid blush that gives you a nice long-lasting natural flush of colour but dries more like a powder rather than just a stain. HairTrade, who is one of the UK's leading retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products, kindly sent me this Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Flush* to see what your average girl would think of this infamous make-up artistry product.

When I first read about this product I somehow imagined it was goin to be a massive bottle - it is not. It's tiny (15 ml so let's say 2 nail polish bottles in one), yet you get so much product  that you're not likely to run out of it for next few years! The bottle is functional - light plastic which you can squeeze when you get to the bottom of it, the end is smaller because the blush can be very runny and you don't want it to splash all over you. The lid is very tight, so no spillage in sight whatsoever.

The consistency itself is very runny - it literally is liquid. Before you use it - make sure you shake the bottle well, because when just standing on your shelf, the two layers (one is slightly more oily liquid and one is the pigment) separate and if you don't shake it well, you might end up squirting out just the transparent liquid. You can use it either with a brush or with your fingers. I have yet to find a brush that would work for me, so I've been using fingers so far. This blush is super easy to work with! If you are a bit wary using tints because they dry fairly quickly and you risk ending up with streaks, this is something you definitely want to try. It doesn't leave any streaks whatsoever and you don't even need to be that precise with the application. It gives you a really natural flush of colour that stays on for hours. I find that it is not as long-lasting as, let's say, stains or in my case - MUA Bittersweet blush which has beaten all blushes I've ever used in the lasting power, but it does stay on for the majority of day and you can always top it up! 

The shade Flush was really hard to capture. It really is NOT as coral as it looks in the pictures above. Maybe it looks a tad corally in the bottle, but on my skin it transfers as a very natural pink colour - that sort of pink that looks like you've just been running outside in minus 5 degrees.

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You can buy this blush on HairTrade website for £14.50, which considering how much product you're getting, is not as much as it may seem. It's definitely something all blush-obsessed people out there should give a go!
What's your favourite blusher at the moment?