This tag has been flying around for some time now in all sorts of modifications and forms. I'm not exactly a tag-person - I sometimes get curious and read them, but never really do them anymore. I guess I'm just worried they are gonna be too similar to other people's posts? Ha, maybe a slight phobia of lack of originality here? Anyways, lovely Maria Veronica from Diamond in Rouge (go & check out her blog, she's such a sweetheart!) tagged me to do the '8 most worn things' tag and since I really enjoyed reading hers, I thought I'd give it a go!  

The lipsticks that I wear the most are either MUA or Topshop, and since I wasn't sure which brand is currently in the leading position, I simply rummaged through my handbag & found 1 MUA and 2 Topshop lipsticks. So let's say Topshop lippies are the winning team this time - they are creamy, they don't fade in patches and they are easy to reapply without mirror. My favourite shades that I carry on me most of the time are Nevada (nude) & Innocent (pale pink), as both of them look very natural but still make you look polished for any occasion!

Although I am obsessed with earrings of any style & type (I have way too many feather earrings, that's for sure!), most of the time I just wear studs. They are simple, they go with any outfit and they don't get tangled in my hair (which is probably the biggest pro!). I buy them from all sorts of places, from Primark to Topshop (sale!) and wear them to absolute death! They are usually pretty cheap as well, Primark sells massive sets for about £2!

☛  TOP
I would love to be more creative, but sometimes you just don't have time to rummage through your wardrobe looking for things to be paired comfortably, quickly AND esthetically. So when I don't know what to throw on (6 days out of 7 at least!), I just wear any bottoms I find (shorts, leggings, trousers) and pair it with a sheer shirt. They cost a tenner in Primark, you get them in all sorts of colours and designs and they literally go with everything. Plus they are the comfiest thing in the world. Oh, and have I said you can wear them in summer with just a bra underneath AND in winter with a tank top? Yes, it's the perfect all-rounder!

With the amount of nail polishes I own, you've probably expected something more cool & on trend, but in all honesty, OPI Nail Envy is my most worn nail polish. I literally wear it every day. Or every other day at least. I use it as a base, as a top coat, or just as a plain nail polish. My nails are such a state that they need a constant care and this has been working a treat for me for past year or so. A little tip for you: don't buy it in Boots, it's ridiculously expensive - just go on E-bay, they usually sell for less than a tenner! 

I do have quite a collection of shoes, but most of the time I wear simple black loafers (I had a pair from Next but now I'm sporting Primark ones for only £6!) or when it get's colder or rainy I just jump into my black ankle boots from New Look (they are similar to the ones in the picture below), which I've been wearing to death, and although their heel is less than bearably lookin, I still refuse to part with them. 

I've been thinking what to include here, as it surely should be shampoo? But then I realized that I swap shampoos quite a lot, but what I use every day is either hair oil or serum. I've been loving VO5 Miracle Concentrate since it was launched about a year ago & I'm on my third bottle at the moment! When my hair gets really tangled and dry, I sometimes use Herbal Essences' Dazzling Shine Serum, because it makes me hair really really smooth and a comb runs through it like a dream! Oh, and it smells like watermelon! Nom nom nom!   

Elie Saab is definitely my most favourite perfume ever! On the day it launched in Debenhams I ran there sniffing it furiously and ever since I always stop at the shelf and have a little cheeky sniff. I do that although I have a massive 90ml bottle at home, which I got from my beloved boyfriend for our 1st anniversary! Jumping & dancing does not even describe the joy when I opened the gift! I might as well cry when I run out, booo!

I'm a comfy handbag girl. I'm not a fan of carrying handbag on my forearm (although I do sometimes give up and take my Focco for a walk!), so everything that's got a long strap is a winner. I've been loving my black satchel style handbag from Select lately, because I've got a slight weakness for black/gold combo. The other handbag is from Oasap, and to be honest with you, I was shocked what a nice quality (super sturdy!) and unique shape it is! Both of these handbags are pretty large and fit my SLR and loads of other stuff.  

What are your 8 most worn things?