Essie, Essie, Essie. Everyone is beyond crazy over Essie. When has this madness started? I don't even remember. But I do remember wanting Mint Candy Apple so badly that after monthS of weighing pros & cons and  making plus & minus lists, I paid those £7.99 (& dropped a few tears) for 13.5ml of mint coloured paint just to be able to colour the tiniest part of my body with it. Oh, how superficial does this sound?! But yeh, I owned Essie and that's the point, right? (trying to be so much less superficial, ha!). To be fair, I've got so many nail polishes already that I'm pretty sure  that I could get some pretty damn close dupes of some of the Essie nail polishes, but.. Well, there's no but - I saw Essie being on sale on Fragrance Direct for £1.99 and went absolutely mental. I just lost it, there and then. Although nail polishes can apparently last up to 10 years and be still usable, so take this haul as an investment, okay?    

So Essie on sale for what I basically saw as a Poundland price (99p here or there, right?) and I did not manage to hold my horses (and my Paypal account). But I do have justifications for all of them, so listen. Chubby Cheeks, Very Structured and Carry On are such lovely autumn colours, so they are basically must-haves for the upcoming season, right?

A Crewed Interest reminded me of a peachy colour I got from Primark at the beginning of summer and that's probably the only nail polish I've ever used up! I've seriously had this Essie on my nails since I got it in the post, and I'm in love. I think that might actually be my signature colour? Muchi Muchi, Mademoiselle and Ballet Slippers are the 'hype' colours, which I've been picking up and putting down in Boots for past month. If I didn't get them now, I would get them eventually, so this will prove as a big save up in the future terms!

Surprisingly, I don't own many bright pinks, so Tour De Finance & Mod Squad are gonna be my pink-testers. I was a bit hesitant about To Buy Or Not To Buy, as the swatches online looked a tad boring, but I've been meaning to get a new lilac polish for ages, so I gave it a go. And I have to say, right after the A Crewed Interest, this is my absolute fave so far! Screw Mint Candy Apple, you don't need that. But you do need A Crewed Interest & To Buy Or Not To Buy! Serious! Oh and Bangle Jangle is quite a nice greyple (ha, I made that up - like, greige, get it? like grey & purple? greyple? yeeeh, it's not really that funny, is it..). 

And just so they don't feel so left out - these are the two Essie's I've owned before - Mint Candy Apple (officially the most expensive nail polish I've ever bought and I'll probably ever buy!) and Sand Tropez (which was a freebie in a magazine last year). 

I really don't know why I support this Essie hype, because I'm still trying to figure out how to make their watery consistency work. Although many people tweeted me that they need 1-2 coats, I usually end up putting 3-4 on to get an opaque finish. One day Essie, one day I'll figure you out! For now, you can get yourself a little (or a big!) Essie collection for ridiculously cheap price on Fragrance Direct (£1.99 per bottle & £1.99 postage). Oh, and a MASSIVE thank you goes to Lydia Sparkles - it was her blog where I read about this offer, so go & say thanks as well! 

Which Essie nail polish is your absolute favourite?