I've never been a big fan of jeans to be honest. When I was younger I used to wear boyfriend style jeans or any sort of army-looking trousers really with loads of pockets (bless my old me, ay), and then those were replaced by leggings of all sorts (yeh, I wear leggings as trousers, oh my god! although 99% of my tops do cover my bum, so don't get too angry with me!). Let's be honest though, leggings don't go with everything. And they are not the most smart piece of clothing either. So I came to a realization that it's time to invest into a pair of trousers slightly less casual, but dress-up-able in times of need - black skinny jeans!  

Now, I really like the look of Topshop Leigh jeans, but £40 for a pair of jeans? Not exactly the best price tag for my currently very budget life, when I'm not even sure if I'm gonna like wearing them. So when I read somewhere on the internet that Primark came out with a dupe, I was on it right away! Of course, they are definitely not such a high quality like the Topshop ones, or even the pair by Citizens of Humanity, but they will do the job. They are actually super comfy and size petit fits me perfectly (and I haven't had trousers that wouldn't be too long for my midget legs like ever yet, so these are absolutely amazing!). Above you can see:

Citizens of Humanity (£215)
Topshop (£38)
Primark (£11) 

While browsing through the Trilogy online store, I found quite a few skinnies that cought my eye and made me sorta wish I was a tad (read a few zero's) wealthier! Look how beautiful these patterned skinnies are!

(Current Elliot, J Brand, Current Elliot)

What type of trousers do you find yourself wearing the most?