You may have read about my first experience with Macadamia a few weeks ago - my first product was their Deep Repair Masque, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant! The mask made my hair so so SO soft! Considering the mask was so amazing, I decided to try their Rejuvenating Shampoo* and Moisturizing Rinse* as well. What do I think about these two?

First of all, I have to say, it took me weeks to test these properly! My hair had some bad days these past few weeks, well might call it just a bad month to be fair. I'm not even gonna go into depth, but if you ever had a spot on your scalp, you know what I'm talking about (yuck big time!). My hair started gettin greasy after like a half day after washing, which was so hard to deal with for me (I usually wash my hair after three days if not later after a wash and it's still not really greasy, so this was an unpleasant change!). The more panicky I was getting, the more I tried to use clarifying shampoos (Lush's Big Shampoo), which was yet another mistake. After two weeks I realized that that's not the way it's gonna work (I was using a harsh salt shampoo basically every day, which was not only making the whole thing worse, but I was using it so much and the shampoo was so pricey, it made me slightly depressed how quickly it was goin!)  and started using this duo - it helped so much! Honestly, screw the clarifying shampoos when your hair is greasy, it seems to be working like skin - if your skin is oily, surprisingly - oils should help. So as soon as started using oil-infused shampoo and conditioner, my hair & scalp cleared within 2-3 uses. 

Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo & Moisturizing Rinse are a great combo to use with the Deep Repair Masque. The shampoo is very moisturizing and nourishing, and it smells absolutely heavenly, just like the masque (I think it might be even stronger for some reason?) and it feels so relaxing when you're massaging it into your scalp! It's apparently suitable for all hair types (my hair is usually on the drier side and this is great at the moment, and it did help me get rid of an oily head as well, so can only agree!).The rinse seems, to me at least, to be an equivalent to conditioner, however you don't need a lot and I only use it for my ends to give them a bit of an extra moisture boost. They both contain natural oils, are paraben-free and sulfate-free. Oh, and have I mentioned they come in really funky beautiful bottles? Just like the masque, the packaging has got such a lovely colour combo and very detailed floral pattern all over the bottle. I just love the way these look in the bathroom!   

You can get these from HairTrade, where the shampoo costs £12.49 (300ml) and the rinse costs £3.99 (comes in a tiny 60ml bottle, but as I've been using in only on my ends, it will last quite a few uses, so this is a bargain and gives you a chance to try the Macadamia range without massive splurging!). These products are definitely on the pricier end of products I use, but I can say they are worth it - if you have the money to splurge or just want to treat yourself. Now my hair is in better condition, I will be swapping between these (for pampering weekends), the Lush shampoos (for deep hair cleansing and clarifying) and Phil Smith combo (for those days when I can't be bothered, heh!). 

What Macadamia product would you recommend me to try?
I'm eyeing the new flawless set and healing treatment!