I've never really been into the whole skull hype - until now. Guess that's why I never fully appreciated the work of Alexander McQueen, just lately I've been drawn to his designs and oh my! Such an absolutely amazing and talented person who came up with such unique and detailed pieces! If I had the cash, I would, I would. For now, I'm just gonna be looking - safely from the comfort of my sofa (just in case I'd go all clumsy and broke a pair of glasses while admiring them, as you do).
I won't even look up prices and links for you, because it's just depressing when you see a pair of ah-mazing shoes that you would even consider marrying and then realize that they cost more money than you've got on your both accounts altogether. *sigh* But! There are two things I want to mention. Firstly, you see the skull bracelet in the upper right corner? It looks like a tiny golden skull shamballa bracelet. I'm not entirely sure whether this is Alexander McQueen, I think it's more likely inspired by him, but I do think it's absolutely adorable! So I had a little browse through my good ol' friend Mr E-bay and found it for ridiculous £3.74 from this seller. Well, I obviously snapped it as soon as I saw it and it arrived today. I have to say I'm more than pleased. It's very sturdy (made of heavy material) and looks like great quality. And the colour is a muted gold, not fake-screaming gold. Absolute bargain and well worth the money! Go go go!   
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One of the pieces that left me in an absolute awe were these golden aviator sunglasses by mighty Alexander! They are so freaking expensive, but absolutely amazing! Same goes for their burgundy mate - if these don't scream designer high-end, than nothing! You can find all these beauties on RedHotSunglasses, where they've got quite a selection of Alexander's line of sunglasses.

Viva Alexander McQueen!

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