In a short span of time I've successfully become a slightly over-the-top cat-lady (personally, I like to call us cat-woman, aha!) and to be fair, I've been enjoying it so far. It's hard not to love my little Cookie (Maine Coon cross), since he basically is just a ball of fluff and cuddles (80% of the time, the rest of the time he is a full-on clawing & biting monster). In the past two months or so I've also developed an unhealthy appetite for anything cat-related (understand cat-print dresses & cat jewellery), so when I saw the new products launched by Japonesque, my heart skipped a  beat - animal print brushes? WHAT?! You just have to see it for yourself! 

The new Safari chic collection includes a set of brushes (powder brush, shadow brush & crease brush) & a bronzing brush, all made of synthetic bristles (no Cookie fur, don't worry!). I received the bronzing brush* to get the taste of the collection. And I have to say, I will be writing to Santa to get me the actual brush set as well, because it's just beautiful! I'm not a brush sort of gal - for two reasons. Firstly, brushes seem like a pretty complicated science to me - all those numbers and shapes and bristle types - don't you need a degree to understand all that, people?! And secondly, I just find it faster to slap on my bb cream with my fingers, and eye shadows, and concealer, and cream blush. Well, anything really. Rush makes you learn quickly, haha! But! I'm not such a brush barbarian after all - I do have quite a few and am patiently learning to work with them - now I know what a crease brush is, and I use an angled contour brush, and well, some other brushes. You know, I'm getting there. So why am I so keen on using this bronzer brush? Ah, let me tell ya. Apart from the absolutely stunning design, it's the softest brush I've ever put my hands on. It's actually pretty sturdy as the bristles are quite dense, but still it's super soft and when I wake up and realize I have to sort my face out, it's actually joy to use this brush and it is something you happen to be looking forward to in your make-up routine.      

It does not shed one bit and because of its density, it picks up quite a lot of product (so be careful if you have got heavy hands!), however it does buff products into your skin real nice! I use it not only for a bronzer, but also for blush, because I find it stays on longer for the buffing effect. I just can't say a bad word about this beaut and I do think it's something every cat-lady should find under the Christmas this year! This would make such a lovely present! 

You can get this brush at HQHair for £19.50, which I do think is a lot of money, so it definitely wouldn't be something I'd treat myself to just like that, but as I said, it does make a stunning present! *wink wink - GUYS!* 

Have you ever seen any other brand make funky print brushes?