Who has not noticed that I'm full-on obsessed with MUA (Make Up Academy) must be more than blind. I do believe it's one of the best budget brands out there (if not the top one) for the value & quality of products. Apart from the amazing quality and low price tags, the reason why I love this brand so much is their ability to follow trends - spot on & instantaneously! You can't afford Topshop's cream blush? Well, you don't need to - you've got MUA. You can't afford Ciate's caviar manicure? Well, you don't have to - you've got MUA. Same goes with loads of great cult products, that are just that tad too expensive (yes, I'm talking about you UD Naked!) and you're more than happy to have a similar alternative in your collection rather than splurging double digits on them. So have a look below what MUA came up with lately & what you'll be able to get your hands on in a few days!

Nail Constellations
Those little so on-trend beads that make your nails look like absolute gems for £3 each? Yes please! And you can choose from 5 lovely colour combos! These will be brilliant for Christmas & New Years' and the whole up-coming party season.  

Blush Perfection - Cream Blushers
Personally, I can't wait to try these - fingers crossed their pigmentation will be just as brilliant as the rest of MUA products. These cream blushes come in 4 shades (I believe one is pink, one is peach and two are bronzey toned) & cost only £2!

Shimmer Kisses Blusher & Bronzer
I already love MUA mosaic bronzer & blush and sort of expect these to be similar concept, which is brilliant as I was missing a wider colour range of the mosaic ones! Each will cost £3!

Intense Kisses High Intensity Glosses
These are already in stores and I managed to pick up one while browsing through Arndale, Manchester on Sunday. The colour I picked up is called Smooch and it's the one at the very end on the right - light orange/peach shade. Smooch is not very bright in colour, however it contains a fairly chunky glitter which reflects light and hence makes your lips looking shiny, almost sparkly! Each costs £2! 
Pro-Brow - Ultimate Eyebrow Kit
I've recently started my love affair with FashionistA eyebrow kit and came to a realization that I probably wax up my eyebrows too much, since the wax not only hit the pan after a few weeks, but is pretty close to being just plain gone for good. This looks like a pretty damn good dupe, so can't wait to get my mitts on it! It's already in stores, however it's been sold out in my Superdrug ever since it came out, booo! I'm not giving up yet though, I will find you Pro-Brow, I will find you! This kit costs only £3.50!   

The Artiste Collection
Finally MUA gave in and brought out an all-in-one palette containing 6 eye shadows (they are merged and have got brilliant names one of them being a Cookie - c'mon, I have to get it for the sake of my little Cookie, haha!), 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter (yes, you heard right - highlighter!). Very clever contents, can't wait to see how they work in real life - they do look absolutely stunning in the picture already! This palette will retail at £6! 

Oh, and have I mentioned that all the new products & shades have got actual names? Yay for MUA listening to us! I know I might be going a bit overboard with all the excitement, but it's MUA, it's affordable & I'm sure the products are going to be beyond lovely! Some of the products are already available in MUA online store or will be available from the 26th September in selected Superdrugs. I also recommend you read more about the new products on MUA blog

What new MUA product are you most excited about so far?