I'm not a big fan of fake lashes to be honest, as I find it unbelievably hard to find a natural looking pair that would blend in with my quite sturdy and thick lashes well and wouldn't look too 'fake'. When I received the JINNYlash strip eyelashes in Natural Glamour* to try I immediately fell in love with the way they looked. Very subtle but long and extremely soft to touch (can fake eyelashes be soft?). So I decided to give these a go and created a sort of subtle evening eye look, which some of you would probably pull off on day as well, if you're used to wearing fake lashes all the time.

Here are a few pictures of the lashes when I applied them - I think they look very very natural, but still give you a boost in both length & volume of your own lashes. They blend in with my own lashes perfectly - probably the first lashes I've tried that don't look horrendously fake on me, hurray! 

What have I used to create this look? Only the products you can see in the first picture (I like it simple & sweet!) - MUA Undressed, black Bourjois Pinceau eyeliner & a sample of Lancome Hypnose Star mascara. Below you can see the difference bold eye liner and strip lashes make to my face! On the right half of my face I've used only Holika Holika BB cream and on the left half I'm wearing blush, I sculpted my brows a little bit with FashionistA brow kit and have a lipstick on (doh!). Try to hide half of my face with your hand and then the other one. I'm like whaaaaa - how can such a little bit of make-up & fake lashes make such a difference!     

For those who never heard of JINNYlash eyelashes before - the company started as one of the UK's pioneering companies in eyelash extensions. They have only recently branched out into strip lashes as well, which are available either online in JINNYshop or in Selfridges, where they introduced a new concept of a Lash Bar, where you can 'Try Before You Buy' - a service where you can actually try all lashes on a wand against your own eye and see the effect they give on yourself! I think that's a brilliant idea, and will definitely benefit people like me that can only wear certain type of fake lashes! Each pair costs from £6-£10 depending on how elaborate the lashes are.         

As I already mentioned above, I picked the Natural Glamour pair (£6), as it was one of the most natural looking pairs in the collection. JINNYlash eyelashes come in a very sweet packaging with floral tapestry pattern.  

I've already told you that the lashes itself are brilliant - very soft and flexible. They are fairly long so I had to chop off a few off the end, but really that's a good thing because they are likely to suit everyone. The lashes come with a little glue which, no matter how I don't like saying, I would have been happier if there was no glue at all rather than this. If you follow me on Instagram & Twitter you know I had a bit of a fight with it, I really wanted it to work (because I'm still not sure whether it's worth to buy a separate 'good' glue when I wear fake lashes about three times a year, so would be great if the enclosed glue actually worked!). It left white marks on the lashes, it didn't stick them on properly - it was just one big pain. Eventually I just poured a fair amount on the lashes and then was addin more while the lashes were already half-stuck on my eye, ha! What I wouldn't do for you to see them on, right!   

Overall, I think the lashes as such are beautiful and I do think they look really pretty on my eyes, however I would say if you want to try these, be sure to have a stronger glue on hand!

Have you tried JINNYlash eyelashes before?
What's your favourite brand of fake eyelashes?