Mr Moonie, or I think you can call him Neil *wink wink*, is a brand face of hand-made muslin cloths manufactured by very talented Kia from Make Me Up. At the first glance you probably think - hmm, why would I wanna use Moonies when I can get cheap muslin cloths off E-bay or even for free with my hot cloth cleanser? That was my question too, so to spare you hassle figuring it yourself, I've done it for you! Read on to see whether it's worth to invest in Moonies or not!  

Moonies are basically natural, unbleached muslin cloths which are hand-made by Kia. They are different in shape from your regular muslin cloth - Moonies are circular in shape, about 30x30cm each, they have brown thread edging and little label saying Moonie on each. Your order comes in an eco-friendly packaging with a little wooden character (Neil!) - the packaging is so cute and you can tell that Kia puts a lot of effort not only into making Moonies, but also into the whole business as such & its presentation. Oh, and have I mentioned that the material is sourced in the UK? Yes, yes, for all you patriotic beauties out there! 

Kia also includes a few tips how to use them to their full potential, some of which I've never thought of before - you can put them in a freezer for treatment of puffy eyes, you can use them to take off your face mask, you can wrap up a couple of ice cubes in your Moonie to sooth skin after shaving/waxing... I've already tried a few, but will be definitely trying more & let you know how I get on! Most of the time I use muslin cloths with hot cloth cleanser (or any cleanser really) to take off my make-up every evening. Here comes the question - Moonie x any other muslin cloth? Because Moonies are unbleached and natural, they are slightly more 'rough' than your regular muslin cloth and therefore I find them much better for exfoliating my skin. After I use a Moonie, my skin feels so soft, almost as if I used a cleansing brush (who needs Clarisonic when you've got a Moonie, right?!). This is definitely a massive advantage over other muslin cloths I've tried. In addition, because the material is unbleached, the make-up (& dirt, yuck!), doesn't seem to 'stick' to it as badly as it does to a regular muslin cloth. I washed one Moonie in a washing machine and the stains more or less came off - that just doesn't happen with the other muslin cloths so I happen to throw them away pretty soon (because who wants to wipe their face with a grey/brown cloth, bleurgh). So to say, I do prefer Moonies to the other muslin cloths I've tried - for the material, the feel, the texture as well as the easier maintenance!    

You can buy Moonies from Kia's Moonie shop - each pack contains 3 Moonies & costs reasonable £5.99. Your Moonies come with their guardian Neil (although at first you may think Mr Moonie might be a slightly childish character, I guarantee you that you will fall in love with him, I've actually put him on my keys as a key chain, woops!) and if you're quick you can get FREE 1st class delivery until the end of September!
Have you tried Moonies yourself?