Among all the other obsession that I've been successfully venting on this blog for almost a year now is definitely my phone case obsession. I'd never been fussed about what phone I used, I used to be that friend of yours who's got a massive robust mobile phone claiming it's 'vintage', yup, that was definitely me. Then my boyfriend convinced me that I'm at the age when it's not funny anymore to have a phone resembling a brick and made me (well, made me... he told me that I can actually play games and listen to music on it - what? phones can do that?!) get Samsung Galaxy S. I don't remember caring about insurance or how to answer a phone call (I'm not ashamed to admit that I probably looked more ridiculous than my nan would, while trying to 'swipe' the screen to answer it, haha!), but I did care about getting that cool Angry Bird case. And the butterfly case. And the one with rhinestones. And the sleek leather one. You get the gist. It's been a bit over a year now, and my obsession is still holding strong. Fancy having a peek into my current phone case collection?   

...and where would I buy a phone case? Me? Obviously - E-bay! There are MILLIONS of them. And that's probably not even an exaggeration. You can get a case made of whatever material you think of, whatever colour you think of, whatever shape you think of, and whatever phone you need it to fit on. These are my 4 current cases that I absolutely love & that were ridiculously cheap!  

Cat in a box is my favourite phone case at the moment - it reminds me of my little Cookie, because he seems to have a slight obsession with boxes too, especially sleeping in them, haha! And I do prefer hard cases to be fair. They feel sturdy enough to survive whatever is goin on in my handbag and are easy to hold in your hand not making the phone grow into brick-sizes. I bought it from here for £4.95 (all prices incl postage) & the seller offers a number of cute variations with different designs and different phone fits!

The furry case is actually pretty sleek, I like to think of it as my grown-up case, ha! However I have to say, it does get strangely dirty quite quickly - every white little bit flying around my handbag gets magically stuck to it, woops! It was only £2.72 from here & the seller offers a few other prints as well! 

Now to the 3D designs - the first one is this 3D teddy with ears. Someone told me that it's not actually just a bear, it's Rilakumma! That means a 'relaxed bear' in Japanese, if I'm not wrong and it's one of those Japanese cartoon characters. I think it's absolutely adorable and it's great when you've got too much dangerous stuff in your handbag or your phone is more prone to flying on the floor - the silicone protects the phone quite a lot. I got it from here for £2.90 and the seller offers a large choice of colour combos! 

The biggest & probably funkiest phone case I own is this pink 3D kitten with a kitten plug. When I was buying it I didn't even realize it was going to be this cute! It's basically a kitty hugging your phone and bitting one it, haha! Oh, and it comes with a little kitten plug so the headphone connector is safe from dust and dirt - pretty cool me thinks! The only disadvantage of this phone case is that it makes my phone look massive! And by massive I mean, from Samsung Galaxy S it turns it into Samsung Galaxy Note, woah! I like using it at home because of the bulkiness and because it makes the phone pretty Cookie-proof. I got it from here for £3.49 & just like the ones above, it comes in a large number of colours.

I am fully aware that my phone cases are very much on the juvenile side and at 23 years of age I should be probably looking at something like the sleek phone cases below, but hey, I will have time for those fancy phone cases when I'm all rich & famous (yup, still plannin that)! These are from a website called Cruise Fashion, which offers lovely designer pieces (both men & women fashion, handbags, accessories etc). Which one do you like the most? I'm still on the Alexander McQueen skull wave, so have to say those, especially the red one looks fabulous *writes this phone case down on a list to buy when she becomes filthy rich*! Can't say I wouldn't be happy for the Michael Kors one or even the pretty jelly Juicy Couture one! *le sigh*        

What would your dream phone case look like?