If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I've currently started flat hunting. And although I thought it was gonna be fun, it ain't that funny after all (& I've only been doin it for a few days!). Landlords in this country aren't very kitten & couple friendly to be honest. *sigh* No matter how depressing the actual flat hunting may seem, it does have more bright sides to it than that. E.g. I will finally swap my teeny weeny sofa bed for a real.. wait for it.. BED! A bed with an actual frame & an actual mattress. *imagines divin in it & not breaking bones* 

When I was little I dreamt of a princess bed, that would be all made of metal and wires and complicated curvy ornaments resembling flowers and well, just magic! Ah, where are those kiddie dreams gone? Now all I really want is a plain wooden bed made of preferably dark smooth wood in a very minimalistic style - maybe with a storage underneath it, but some plain wooden boxes or baskets would do the job as well. Most of the beds in the picture above are either from Ikea (oh, you place full of happiness & dreams - 50p hotdogs & pretty, comfy armchairs) or Sueno. I was actually surprised that Sueno offers such lovely beds, as it's not a very well-known website (at least I haven't heard of it before). Have to say my favourite beds are number 1 and 8. The first dark brown wooden bed is from the Sueno website and it's made of a soild walnut wood - ah, walnut has got such a nice colour & texture to it! I love how simple the design is, yet the back structured piece adds a little modern twist to it! The other one is a slightly lighter brown bed with inbuilt storage drawers, and it's from Ikea. No matter how silly this may sound to you (but hey, you know I am a bit of a freak, right), I probably lean towards the latter one, because the bottom is full, hence it can't have any monsters hidden under it. Yup, I said it. I'm 23 & I do worry that there might be monsters under my bed. Just... yeh, just in case, you know.

To lighten up the mood a bit - here's the funkiest bed I've seen in a while - it's got an inbuilt telly! Let's be honest, that might as well be the worst bed I could personally imagine. I guess I can say that I despise television as such, because it's such a horrible time-eater, and once I start watching it, I don't know the limits. That might also explain why I stopped having telly in my room (& practically watching it too) when I was about 15, ha!

What does/would your dream bed look like?