Did you know that autumn has officially started? Yup, it's here, and all the rain and gloomy weather as well! Oh, the joy! This time of the year, especially in England, is the perfect time for little treats & cheer-me-up gifts. Which made me think it's the ideal time to throw in a little (or a rather biggish *wink wink*) giveaway! It's nothing too fancy, but it contains little autumn treats to make this time of the year a bit more bright & cheerful! Also, it's my way of saying thank you for reading Cityscape Bliss, leaving me lovely comments & joining my little rants on Twitter! Thank you everyone!

 It's an international giveaway & anyone can enter (through the mighty Rafflecopter)!
What can you win? I thought that the best way is to pick things that I would like to win if I was to enter myself, so they are based pretty much on my taste (and a few of the things here, well, most of them, I picked up for myself too *naughty*).

Primark brown satchel handbag
(one can't have enough pretty satchels for autumn, right?) 
2x Essie nail polishes in Chubby Cheeks & A Crewed Interest
(because they are my favourite Essie colours at the moment!)
Pets Rock tissues & mini emery boards
(because they always come handy in this horrible rainy weather, plus they have CATS on them *meow*)
Primark fox coin purse
(so you can start saving up your pennies for Christmas prezzies!)
Skull peach-flavoured lip balm
(it's got a lovely design & even my boyfriend likes using it!) 
St Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion 50ml
(to get a bit of glow in the autumn gloominess)

How to enter? RAFFLECOPTER! Anyone in the whole world can enter, the only thing you MUST do is to follow me on GFC, the rest of the entries are optional. There will be one winner & the giveaway will end on 25/10/2012, so you've got plenty of time to take part in it!

Good luck everyone!