Not many of you might know this about me, but I'm a horse girl. My parents bought our first horse when I was 3 months old and that's also the age when I was first sat on one (yeh, ask my dad how safe that was!). I grew up on a farm surrounded by all sorts of animals (from micro goats to horses weighing over a ton), and at one time we had about 20 horses at once in our stable. So although I'm living in the England's second biggest city at the moment, I know something about being practical rather than all dressy when it comes to it. At least I should. So I decided it's time to buy my first wellies

Wellies are such an odd thing, I'm telling ya. I used to be okay running around our field in whatever wellies I got from my older sister, our neighbor's girl or a Vietnamese stall in the town (yeh, that's what we have in Czech Republic, we rarely do farmer's markets and rag markets, we have Vietnamese stalls). Wearing wellies in the city would never ever come into my mind. Until I moved to England. Over the four years living here (it didn't take me that long, righ?) I realized that it's just not worth ruining all my shoes and boots in the rain, because no matter what you spray on them, they just will get ruined in the English torrents. So no matter what I think about fashion and wellies coming together, now I see them as a necessity. I had a similar 'perception issue' with Ugg boots, and although I still think they are hideous and overpriced, I found certain style & price I can live with (and my feet certainly appreciate the warmth). With the quickly approaching autumn, I should be closer and closer to picking the right pair, but I'm just not happy with what I'm being offered and with what I can afford, argh.   

You can get the cutest wellies from all sorts of high street shops, I found loads of pretty ones in Primark and sometimes they get puurdy ones in Internacionale as well. Below is just a random selection off the internet. To be honest with you, I don't think I'm a cute wellies person though. I don't really like prints that much unless it means cats, birds, horses or foxes, or a really neat geometrical pattern. So that rules out all the cheaper options for dry feet.  

Now to the ones I would actually really like (and after hours of looking at them online, I do think I NEED them too), those are no other boots than the real Hunter boots! When I first saw them online and on blogs, I was a bit... hm, meh. But that's just because most of them were either army green (I guess it's a farm green in this case?) or girly pink. Then I stumbled across this website Aston Bourne. How sleek do all these pairs below look??! They are such beautiful horse girl style boots! I absolutely adore the plain black ones (first two and the last pair)! My mum keeps saying she definitely needs the brown leather ones (horse girl big time). And then it happened.. I came across the ankle lace up wedges! They don't even look like wellies yet they are rain-proof! Would you even imagine a better pair for me?! Hunter Earlham Boots, please be mine. The only let-down is that they are £95 (and that's on sale!), which is ridiculous amount of money for me to pay for shoes, but they are.. well I haven't seen a pair of wellies that I would love, and that might be worth it? I'm planning on selling some old shoes I don't wear to get these. They would save me from getting the autumn cold ridiculously often again.   
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Do you wear wellies when it's rainy?