I don't have sensitive skin (my skin is rather a hippo skin most of the time), so I never had the urge to look too much into organic/natural skin care. I don't say that I don't appreciate when products are organic/natural and all that goodness, but I believe that people with sensitive skin/skin troubles are much more conscious about what they are putting on their skin. Being introduced to Purity Organic Skincare was a great chance to learn about organic products a bit more. The first one which I think is definitely worth sharing is Purity Facial Exfoliator*. 

Purity Organic Skincare is a UK skincare brand which takes choosing ingredients seriously. Their motto says 'Less is more in beauty' and that's what their products are all about.

Purity Facial Exfoliator is apparently 98% natural and 89% organic (these numbers are all about the amount of ingredients of natural origin, organic farming etc). It's fragrance-free and should be suitable for even sensitive skin. The main ingredients are coconut oil, sweet almond oil and Aloe Vera and the exfoliating beads are made of coconut shells. That's so much for the 'pro' information, now to what I really think about the product. 

Pretty much the whole Purity range is fragrance-free, so don't expect any super florally girly scent, it's just a clear, basically non-existant fragrance. The liquid part of the exfoliator feels really moisturizing and I would say it almost feels like an actual moisturizer on my face. It doesn't leave my skin dry/tight or itchy. The exfoliating beads are well rounded and doesn't scrub my skin too hard. Overall, I think this is a great little everyday scrub for sensitive skin which to me feels almost homemade (really fresh and chemical-less!). I like using it for 'maintaining' my skin nice and clean, on days when I'm not using any 'harsh' methods (yes, I'm talkin about you Missha oxygen bubble-up!). 

You can get this scrub on the official website of Purity Organic Skincare for £5.99 (for 100ml).  

Do you use organic/natural products?
What makes you prefer these to other, more 'chemical' products?