My hoarding nature sometimes makes me do crazy things. Like collecting vintage cameras that don't work or anything moustache related even though I despise real moustaches on men. A collection of amazing £1 lipsticks isn't that crazy though, right? It's just one of those cheap-treat-joys that won't kill your account and you still enjoy it. Well, I do. Did you know that MUA has got 16 different colours in their lipstick line? No? Then keep on reading, because there are some shades you might want to add into your collection!

You know the thing that 'real' collectors sometimes do - they take out the whole collection (of coins or stamps) and just look at them? That's how I felt when I was taking pictures for this post, haha! I actually don't think these lipsticks look like they cost such a wee amount of money when they are all nicely lined up with all the shine and sparkle!

Now let's get to the point. MUA lipsticks come in a very simple black plastic packaging, which is obviously not the most glam packaging you can get, but let's be honest - how glam is MAC's black bullet? After all it's just a little bit different in shape and the shade of black, but it's still just black plastic. For such a cheapo packaging, the lid is surprisingly secure and so far (*knocks on the wood*) it hasn't happened to me that the lid would open (while flying wildly) in my handbag. What many people will surely appreciate is the little 'sample' of the lipstick in the lid, which makes them a dream to store! I would probably like it even more if there was a number of each shade on the top of the coloured lid, but that's just me being a bit cheeky, I think (what wouldn't I want for a quid, a little engine so I don't have to twist it up manually?!)!  

The quality of these lipsticks is, I think, absolutely fantastic when you consider the price tag. A pound - that's a Poundland price, but you're getting a quality of at least a regular drugstore brand (I would say even more, but everyone has got different standards, so let's not stretch it too far for now). The consistency is pretty creamy and the finish is glossy. Some of the shades have got a rather chunky glitter in them, some of the shades are just pure pigment. I find that pigmentation varies from shade to shade, usually lighter shades are very sheer (see shade 4 or 15), but buildable and darker shades (see shade 1 or 13) stain my lips in one sweep! The lasting power is not the greatest, but for the price, you just keep reapplying. They don't fade in chunks or bits (some shades you obviously need to be more careful with - the darker ones, and also shade 16 is sometimes a bit tricky). Surprisingly, they don't dry my lips out too much, as you'd expect for a pound, and I actually find them rather moisturizing (and that does not happen too often - I basically get on only with Topshop, MAC (I've got Snob only, but it's lush!), L'Oreal and Technic - a bit of an odd one, I have to admit!). I do recommend that you use lip balm or a lip salve after you a day of wearing these, as they sometimes tend to have a strange 'post-wear' effect on my lips, when the edges of my lips go a tad flakey, but as long as I slap on some effective lip balm, it's all good. The scent of these lipsticks is like a strong vanilla, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it.    

Buying MUA lipsticks is a bit tricky, I must say. Can't really blame MUA though, as it's damn hard to take accurate photos of lipsticks. So in most cases the shade you see online will probably look totally different on you. That happens to me even in the shop, in the bullet they just look totally different than on my lips, especially the red toned ones. Below you have all the lipsticks swatched on my lips, but keep in mind we all have got different natural lip colour, and the lighting can be different, so they might turn out different on you than on me, but you get the idea of what tone to expect I think! My favourite shades must be 2, 4, 7, 11, 14 and 15! And if you didn't know shade 15 is a pretty close dupe of Topshop's Coy!    

Overall, I have to say, I'm in love with these. I understand that for some of you they might be more or less drying, you might not be the biggest fan of the lasting power, but they are worth giving a shot, as you just might be as lucky as I am and get on with them like I do (and won't need to spend your £££ on expensive brands and then realizing that the crazy orange/red shade just isn't right for you - yup, been there too).  

MUA lipsticks are available in selected Superdrugs (I find that at least some shades are available in all MUA stands) or you can get them from MUA online store, where you can sometimes use  discount codes (they are published on MUA Twitter or Facebook when they reach certain number of followers and usually include free postage and a % discount or an extra free product). You can also find more swatches and tips on MUA products on MUA blog

What's you favourite MUA lipstick shade?