Oasap has become quite a sensation in the blogging world for its relatively cheap clothes and also its fashion hunters programme over past few months - it's one of the always intriguing websites where once you get an amazing product and next time it's a bit meh (I've been pretty lucky so far I think *touches wood*, but I've seem some big MEH's on other blogs). To reach even more audience, Oasap decided to launch a beauty section on their website. What should we even think about this move?! 

When I first heard about the beauty section, my heart skipped a bit, thinking they could be re-selling external brands such as Etude House, Tony Moly and other Asian based brands which are not accessible in the UK. Oh, what was I thinkin?! *sigh* Take two - I got on the website and looking briefly at the items I though, hm, looks like this could be some nice cheap make-up from to-me-unknown brands. This followed by - this is NOT cheap at all and I can't even Google the brands! Let me illustrate this on the following item. 

These 'replenishing and enhancing lipsticks' seem to be branded as CBQ (Can Become Qute?) and after a few minutes of Googling, I'm convinced that such company either has got only one high street shop somewhere in Chinese countryside or is a subdivision of Commercial Bank Accolades. The name of this brand is not even mentioned in the description box, so you might think it's Oasap's own brand? Hmmm.  

To add a bit of mysterious feel to the product, you won't find ingredients or more specific description (apart from that 'your lips will be enhanced in a veil of shiny, translucent colour', yay), but you will learn that you can wash you lippy in a washing machine and cool iron on reverse. Now why is my make-up savvy nerve going a bit irritated? Because it might contain some seriously crappy ingredients that they rather not mention in the description? Naaah. It's because these are £18.85 a pop! It's just illogical to offer these products from unknown brands for such price, why would someone buy this when you can have a MAC and a half for the same money?! And the same goes for other products on their website, some of them are cheaper, but cheaper as in - you can just get Rimmel in drugstore or Etude House off E-bay sort of cheaper. 

I'm happy with buying clothes on Oasap, sometimes you hit sometimes you miss, but cosmetics that you put on your skin not knowing what's in them or where/by whom they were made and for such ridiculous amount of money, that just makes my jaw drop big time. I hope there's something I'm missing and it turns out to be some ah-mazing products, Oasap, I do hope so. 

Note: 23/10/16 - Oasap has since stopped selling beauty, bless!!

What do you think about Beauty section on Oasap website? 
Am I being too negative & harsh?