I was looking through my jewellery the other day and realized that about 90% of it is golden toned, 9% silver (which I never wear anyways) and a tiny 1% is rosegold (which I absolutely love but am unable to pair with clothes, boo!). I haven't got anything in the middle, so my eye (& hand on my wallet) started slightly twitching when I found all this tortoise beauty! How beautiful tortoise shell colour is?! 
Above is just a random selection of tortoise accessories I came across while indulging in all the beautifulness online. There are two things that I've actually started eyeing. First of them is prescription glasses (you know the mahussive ones that cover your whole face? yeeeh, those! I may have already ordered some by the time you're reading this, woops!) and a watch. Since I cannot afford Michael Kors watch (that's like whole month's rent, for Christ sake, why are you so expensive, Michael?!), I found the ones below on sale in Watch Warehouse. The Fossil one on the right absolutely stole my heart. It's the perfect combination of tortoise/blink/gold I could imagine. And you know what's the greatest thing about it? It's only £76! Which I don't find to be that much for a beautiful watch like this. 

What do you think about tortoise accessories?
Is it too nanny-like or is it glam?