Today was a big day for Topshop, as their limited edition make-up range in collaboration with designer Louise Gray launched in stores and online! Since I had a day off, and decided to spend it in the Bull Ring, it was a no-brainer. This collection is inspired by wild (but still very girly) colours, and although we are slowly but surely shifting into autumn, I think it's come just right to brighten up the last sunny (or rainy, for us in England) days. Let's have a look at what I picked!    

I'm not someone who would be too keen on bright colours, but when I saw preview pictures of this collection, I got weirdly attracted to it (I blame the shizz weather, which makes me desperately hang on on every single beam of brightness that comes my way). What particularly caught my eye while browsing through the shelf was a duo cream blush, however when I briefly swatched it, it looked pretty similar to Head Over Heals and Flush, both of which I already own. The amazing glittery nail polishes are a big pull, but I've got so many already, that I had to pass those too (& I've to tell you, it wasn't an easy job!). 
Moving to my weakness - lipsticks. I'm not too much of an orange lipstick girl, so Mexican Wave was an easy one to pass, but when I came across the lipstick in Legend, the damage had to be done. How pretty & arty is the packaging?!

Legend is a bright almost neon pink lipstick, which you can't find in the core collection of Topshop make-up. Sometimes I think they make their lipstick shades just too similar to be really able to appreciate (and recognize) the difference (I'm talking about you Infrared & Firecracker!), but this is a truly exceptional pink, I think. It's just SO in your face! This lippy costs a tenner, which is quite a lot, but I'm happy I picked it up as I've been enjoying wearing brighter lipsticks lately!  

Then I noticed a sign saying that if you buy 2 make-up products (at least 1 from the new limited collection), you get a GWP (well why not, right?!). So I picked up Pillow Talk (£8), as I've been eyeing it for good few weeks and would crave sooner or later anyways. I'm telling ya, one day I'll have the biggest Topshop lipstick collection world has ever seen, ha!  

The GWP (until stock lasts!) is a really pretty compact mirror by Louise Gray. I realized I don't really have a mirror in my handbag, so this comes handy. It's a slide one as well, so you only need one hand to open it - aaaaah, very clever!  

As I used my student card, I only paid £16 for both lipsticks and got a little mirror on the top of it. It ain't my budget-sort of shopping, I have to say, but once in a while, a little treat is in order, right? (yeh, I do still feel a little guilty for spending that much on lipsticks, woops!)

What do you think about the new Louise Gray & Topshop collaboration?
Are you gonna be picking up some bits?