As if you haven't noticed that my clothes pairing skills are a little bit odd, oh well. I sometimes think that I just try to pair unpairable - tweed & crochet? Yeh, seriously. When I bought this H&M tweed blazer I was so thrilled, because I've wanted a nice (and cheap!) tweed blazer for absolute ages, but then I brought it home and thought - hm, what do you wear with it?! After a slight panic attack (and emptying the whole wardrobe on the floor), I realized I quite like tweed in combination with cream colour and yes, crochet. I think crochet makes tweed look a tad more feminine and not as 'prep', if it makes sense?  

Little Cookie monster went for a walk with me when I took these pictures, and to be fair, he was quite keen on being in a few of them. The top one was probably the only one where he wasn't slapping my face, biting my nose or looking as if he's got rabies! And look how big he's getting! A few days ago we figured out what breed he is - apparently he's a cross, but I strongly believe he's a maine coon in disguise. Well, at least I will be saying that from now on, because that's the only way I can justify he'll grow up to be a Garfield sort of tom (fat) cat, ha!  

Now to the outfit. I got this H&M tweed blazer about a week ago and believe it or not it was only £19! It's definitely the autumn blazer for me. And I really like the golden zipper pocket on a side, since I don't wear anything else than golden toned accessories, it's just the perfect detail.  


I got this crochet top from Oasap, and although I was a bit skeptical at first because it's slightly cropped and I don't find my figure crop-top-friendly, it works great with a cream vest top (this one is from Forever 21). I actually quite like that it's got short sort of waterfall sleeves going on (click here to see it properly), because my arms are my least favourite body part and I sometimes go a bit nervous wearing sleeveless tops. On the bottom I wore wet look leggings from Select (I don't really care wet look leggings are so out, noone's ever gonna make me wear Disco pants, like.. ever.) and H&M brown/golden flats.    

Look at the little dirty monster! While I was taking pictures, Cookie decided he will run through all cobwebs and roll in every piece of poo he finds. Well done, Cookie, well done. 

What do/would you pair a tweed blazer with?