You know when you see something and it's just so weird that it makes you want to have it even though the aspect of weirdness is blatantly the only reason to buy it? Like when you see a Smurf flavoured ice cream (obviously doesn't taste like a Smurf, or at least I can't imagine what the blue taste is like) but you still want it because it's freakin blue! That's what i was thinking when I came across the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream. Why did I feel the urge to buy it? Lack of BB creams in my collection? Nah, I have got at least...five? The fact that it's in a quirky glass bottle and it wobbles like a jelly? Hell yeeeeeeeh!   

Holika Holika is a Korean brand (think Etude House sort of company), which offers some extremely funky (& super cute!) products. I already posted about another Petit BB Cream last week here, which is super cheap and feels really nice on my skin! Coming across the Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream though made the whole Holika Holika experience even more exciting! There are two shades of this BB cream available - yellow toned (no 1 Aqua Beige) & pink toned (no 2 Aqua Neutral). I got the one in no 2 Aqua Neutral thinking that although I am rather yellow-toned, it would lack the gray undertone and look less 'dead-like' on me. And I was right. I haven't tried shade no 1 to be able to compare it properly, but I have to say that no 2 is not very pink toned. It's a rather darker shade to what you'd be used to with Asian BB creams, so I think it's perfectly suitable for Western skin of my tone (I'm not too pale, I tan easily and have a little fake tan veil on my face at the moment).    

Now to the packaging. It's a 50ml heavy glass jar with a screw on lid, which has got a spatula on it - I really like this feature as it'll definitely help you get out the very last drop of the product when you're about to finish the jar and you don't have to put the product on your hand, you just swipe it off the spatula. Thumbs up for this! Apart from the cutesy factor (which definitely makes the BB cream something that I would want to have standing on my shelf!), the BB cream comes with a white sponge to make the use even more hygienic! I find this to be a fantastic idea, if all BB creams came with one, you wouldn't need to constantly wash them when you prefer swapping creams on a daily basis. 

The BB cream itself should contain 80% of mint water (apparently from an Alaskan glacier?), seaweed, gelidium & konjac extract. These ingredients should lock moisture in your skin and revitalize your skin. The scent of this BB cream is really nice and florally and the texture reminds me a bit of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - it's not exactly a jelly, but it's not your standard foundation/BB. You don't need a lot to cover your whole face. The coverage is really sheer - don't expect to have sports or dark circles concealed by this. It does do the job for minor blemishes and discolouration, but you do need a concealer with it if you have more imperfections. The lasting power is pretty much whole day but I do think that Ginvera or Skin79 last a little bit longer on me! The only thing I found as a con about this BB is that when my skin is extremely dry and I don't apply a moisturizer the night before, it does seem to accentuate my pores. Not a big deal if you don't slack on moisturizing though!   

You can get this BB cream off E-bay, just search for the name and it'll come up. I wouldn't be afraid there's gonna be a fake of this, as not that many people buy it from there. I got it for around £9 and I definitely think the price tag is justified. 

What's your favourite BB cream?