I have to say upfront, I'm terrible with eyeliners. No matter what eyeliner it is, can be gel, liquid, with a brush or with a wand, I'm just awful. I can't make a straight line no matter how hard I try. But I do love the look of it on other people and sometimes really wish I could recreate it on my own eye. Well, I haven't given up yet, I am still trying! MUA launched new super affordable gel eyeliners last month and I took the chance to give my eye-lining skills another try! Have a look at the bold line I created with the MUA Gel Eyeliner in Fairground* and the new apple-scented Every Lash Volume & Lengthening Mascara*.   

Here's the eye I've created. I admit that it's not a super duper neat job, but I've been enjoying wearing this bold line for past few days. It's super easy, no eye shadows, no hassle, and you can throw the eyeliner in your handbag for a quick afternoon touch up - simple, just the way I like it on a busy day!

MUA Gel Eyeliners are really different from any other gel eyeliner I've tried before. I have the experience (I tried Topshop and Maybelline as I remember) that gel eyeliners have got really bitty hard consistency and it is somehow impossible and almost painful to apply them as they tug my skin and fall off during the application. That sounds like I had some rubbish old dried out pots, but I pinky swear they were brand new jars and just did not work for me. MUA Gel Eyeliners have got the creamiest, most buttery consistency I've come across. They literally glide on your skin like cream! I would actually say that they have even creamier consistency than some cream eye shadows I've tried! Since they are this creamy, you'd expect them to take ages to dry or smudge straight away. That's a very wrong assumption, I can assure you. These dry within seconds and doesn't smudge for hours. They do have a really nice pigmentation, as you can see from the swatches below. The only thing you have to be careful with is the amount of eyeliner you use, as it can start to crack a bit if you use too much. That's not a big deal though, as I've figured out that the pot is so tiny you can just carry it around in your handbag and top it up if it doesn't look that fresh anymore.     

The products comes all-in-one which I find really handy! You have a sort of built-in-brush in the lid of the container, so you don't have to worry about buying separate brushes for different colours, they just come with the product! The brushes are quite soft so they feel nice on the skin but they're still hard enough to create a bold line.  

I've got the gel eyeliner in colour Fairground, which is a shimmery deep gray shade, and in Tribe, which is a cobalt shimmer blue shade. There are two more shades available - a black one (Underground) and a dark brown one (On Move). 

Finally, I applied the new MUA Every Lash Volume & Lengthening Mascara in Black on my eye lashes. Because of the flexible rubber brush I think this is a great budget mascara for those who like a lot of definition and length. It should smell like apples, which I think is quite a quirky novelty idea! I'm not sure it smells exactly like apples, but it definitely lacks the standard strong chemical mascara smell you are used to. This mascara smells almost freshly sweet and I have to say it's quite a refreshing tweak! It has also a surprisingly long-lasting staying power and the wand has got a handy little 'ball' shaped ending which is perfect for those little lashes in the corner of you eye and the bottom lashes.   

You can get both products (each for £3) from selected Superdrugs or online in MUA store.

What's your favourite eyeliner at the moment?