H&M is one of my absolutely favourite clothes shops. Maybe the most favourite one. I'd say it's one of the most affordable brands around at the moment. Sometimes I think it even beats Primark! Someone might not know though, that you can also find cosmetics in there. Last year I bought an EDT there which was the nicest smelling (and affordable) scent I've ever tried. It was only 30ml, so I ran out pretty quickly and couldn't get hold of it anymore, booo! The other day I went to H&M and saw these little EDT's resembling the one I loved to so much and... Aqua beach is THE scent! It's the one they were selling last summer! I also picked up Golden treasures because it just smells like sweet vanilla and you don't say no to such a nice scent for £3.99, do you? 

There's not much to say, just that they have quite a classy packaging for the price you're paying, they don't leak so you can chuck them in your handbag with light heart. Aqua beach smells really fresh with strong citrus undertones and Golden treasures is a rather heavier sugar sweet vanilla scent. They are just EDT's, so don't expect a scent lingering on your skin for hours, I would say a good hour they go strong and then start slowly vanishing leaving the scent just on your skin. Not a big deal to spritz another dose for £3.99, is it? At least now I can save up my Elie Saab for a bit longer, yes! 

You can get these two EDT's in H&M stores in the make-up section, there are two other scents in the collection I believe and I really want to get hold of the green/yellow one, as it smells so pretty as well! They were on sale back in Czech Republic for about £2 but I couldn't be bothered to sniff them. How I regret it now, argh?! Unfortunately, you can't get them online. 

Have you tried H&M EDT's before?
Which one's your favourite?