I've always admired these 'bronze goddess' make-up looks and tutorials, but never really got the courage to re-create them, for who knows what reason. For the same unknown reason, I've never tried any products by Famous by Sue Moxley before. Put these two together (plus a little spritz of Garnier Ambre Solaire, shhhh!) & you get me actually looking fairly tanned for this English summer, ha!

Obviously I didn't use only Famous products. I used the (on my blog) infamous Stila Oil-free Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturizer in Light (03) on my face, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair under my eyes, Accessorize brow pencil and MeMeMe Arch Angel to set my brows and on my eyelashes I used Tony Moly Cat's Wink mascara. The (bronzing) rest is all by Famous though! For those who are new to Famous - this brand is designed by one of the biggest UK 'beauty experts' Sue Moxley (who is also a TV presenter, beauty journalist and a singer). The range basically aims to provide you with make-up which enables you to create celebrity looks without the hefty price tag. You can tell that the packaging is all about the shiny sparkly celebrity glam with loads of glitter and reflecting surfaces. In 2012 the brand went through re-designing the products and brought back whole new load of exciting products (or it might just be me who gets uncontrollably excited over a lipgloss with a built-in light?). 

Products I used are the following:
High Five Eye Shadow in Exposed
Shining Star Shimmer Brick in Lady Shimmer
Baked Bronzer in Shade 4 Bali
Spot Light Lipgloss in Babe

I used High Five Eye Shadow in Exposed* for my eyes. I have to admit, I'm not a massive fan of the 'leopard' glitter on the packaging, I personally think it makes the product look a bit cheaper than it deserves, but I understand that it does catches one's eye and that's what it's about after all. This little eye shadow squad might look like a regular nude eye palette, but wait - it has got something that I've not seen in many other palettes. It contains a really bright white shade, which is absolutely perfect for brightening up the inner corners of your eyes! In addition, there are two shimmer browns and a matte cream/beige with a matte brown. This little baby is perfect for every day nude eye with a little sparkle and it's so tiny you can just throw it in your handbag and top up the eye for night out before leaving work. The eye shadows have got good pigmentation and stay on for hours, what you need to be careful with though is the fall-off, which is there, especially with the brown shimmers! Because the eye shadows are so powdery, it is a bit harder to apply them with brushes, especially the white colour, but nothing that you couldn't do with a tip of your finger or a sponge applicator!     

All over my face I applied this amazing Shining Star Shimmer Brick in Lady Shimmer*. This is definitely one of my new favourite products! What I do is, basically I take a big powder brush, apply it all over my face, pay more attention to cheek bones and forehead contouring (to make that beast look at least a tad smaller, haha!) and then swipe my finger it in the two lightest shades and apply it straight onto my cheek bones. You can see that in the picture above that the cheekbones are more highlighted than the rest of my face. The shimmer brick gives such a  nice colour to my face, that I just can't understand I haven't tried it before. I've heard that this products might be a dupe of the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, although I can't tell as I've never used the Bobbi Brown one, so it's up to you, more high-end savvy beauties, to compare! Have I mentioned that there is a massive mirror in the lid? Collecting more good points, Famous, aren't ya?   

The second product that I slightly (read deeply) fell in love with is the Baked Bronzer in Shade 4 Bali*. This is such a beautiful product! Yeh, I said it - it's a beautiful thing. I'm not very familiar with baked products, because I always find they lack pigmentation for some reason, but man how wrong I was. This marble dome-looking bronzer with a massive mirror in the lid has got the nicest peach bronze colour you can imagine. And with all honesty, you can even use the brush that comes with it (and that does not happen very often). Just a few swipes over your cheeks (or a bit lower for contouring) and you're ready to rock the bronze! When you first swipe the brush in it, you see there's quite a lot of golden glitter in it, so this might not be the best choice for those glitter-unfriendly, but it works okay with my skin tone and I can't really see the glitter transferring on my skin that much.   

Finally, a little cheer up at the end. Spot Light Lipgloss in Babe* is a bit of a toy rather than pure make-up product. Apart from a lovely nude colour (and not a very sticky consistency), you can enjoy a little mirror on the bottle and a led light on the inside of the lid which gets activated every time you open the lipgloss! I can't say I'm not amused. It's something you can find quite useful in dark clubs (yes Propaganda, I'm talking about you!) and overall, it just brings a smile on my face whenever I see that little light! Just don't ask me how old I really am, I still answer 19 when people ask me (not that it really justifies the joy of this lipgloss/torch device).   

You can get these products in Superdrugs nationwide. The eye shadow squads are £4.99, the shimmer bricks and baked bronzers are £6.49 and the lipglosses are £4.99 each. There are loads of colours to choose from, so definitely go and have a little swatching sesh when you're in Superdrug next time!

Have you tried the Famous products before?
Which one is your favourite?