Even typing it up... crayon fragrance makes me a bit too excited! Such a quirky funky concept applying your perfume with an actual crayon! I do admit that I got an odd look or two while tryin this even in the shop, but c'mooon, one needs a bit of a cheer up in this ridiculously autumnal weather, right? And that's exactly what this novelty product from Claire's is.   

There is quite a few scents you can choose from, most of them are fruity - blueberry, strawberry, apple, I picked tangerine & cherry. They both smells so fruity! I feel that the fruitiness is actually so exaggerated that it makes you think of all things for kids. That doesn't really bother me though, because the scents are nice, they make me think of summer and candy shop. They are really easy to apply, you just dab them on you pulse spots - wrists, neck, etc. The scent doesn't linger for long, but for £2.50 for 2 crayons, you can't really complain, can you? The only thing that bugs me a bit about these little babies is hat the cherry one stains. Well they both seem to stain my skin, but the cherry one obviously gives it away more blatantly. You can see the 'swatches' below - it's not such a big deal to be fair, just don't rub half of the crayon into your skin at once, like I'm always tempted to do. A light stroke won't stain too much.       

Now the more exciting part - while searching the internet, I found out that these little things are pretty similar looking to Clinique crayons! They were out sometime around 2009 and a set of three did cost around $30 (around £20). These apparently worked like the Claire's ones, the only difference (obviously apart the scent itself) was that they needed to be sharpened (and as some reviews indicate they did not really fit into many pencil sharpener, oh wells). The Claire's crayons are in a twist-up container, so no trouble with that. 
I say points for Claire's for coming up with these! They are £2.50 each, but currently on offer 2 for 1! If you happen to be near Claire's and are in a desperate need of a little cheer up, go and give them a sniff! Some of them are tad chemically smelling, but I'm sure there will be scent just for you!

Do you also get that little over-excitement when you find a dupe of something really expensive?