Vivo is one of those brands that because it's not in your drugstore, you might not even know it exists - because let's be honest, who goes to do a weekly shopping or a dinner shopping and stops at the shelf with make-up! Although maybe you should make that little stop in the make-up aisle? Vivo, which is exclusively available at Tesco, has got quite a wide range of products, including these full colour glossy coverage Laquer Shine Lipglosses*!   

You probably know that I'm not a lip gloss girl (who is these days anyways, right, with all the MAC & Topshop & Revlon?)... but I do think that days like today or yesterday (oh my - 30 degrees?!) require going a bit less lippy and maybe adding just a little gloss on your lips! Vivo came up with a new line of lipglosses, which offers altogether 8 shades of full coverage glossiness! I've got shade 7 (Essence) which is bright red/pink colour, which actually does give quite a decent coverage (I was really surprised when I first applied it that it looked almost like a lipstick!) and shade 2 (Halo) which is a lovely nude colour which is perfect for pairing up with bronze-toned make-up look!  

These lipglosses come in a standard plastic packaging, which is not exactly 'wow' but to be fair, for the price you're paying they are pretty cool! They almost feel luxurious when you consider what lipglosses in the same price range look like! The come with a little brush which is useful for precise application.  

Now the consistency is a bit sticky while applying it, but once on your lips it feels nice and not sticky at all! It has zero scent to it and the lasting power is just as any other cheaper lipgloss out there, doesn't last long, but I don't mind re-applying it for the price! The darker shade does last a bit longer than the nude one, and as I said before, it does feel a little bit more 'lipsticky' than the nude one.  

Overall, I have to say that these little lipglosses are a nice surprise to me! You can get them for £1.99 (they are on offer now - so only £1.49!) in Tesco or in Vivo online store. They are definitely a nice little addition for your handbag this summer when you cannot be bothered to watch your lipstick whole day!

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