Are you a person who's attracted to natural or artificial scents? Personally, I'm definitely the one whose nose is rather natural oriented. And by natural, I mean the 'too natural' sort of scent. It's probably because I grew up in the countryside and everything always smelled so... vivid? - like freshly cut grass, sun-dried hay, blooming cherry trees... (can someone tell me why I swapped that for smelly Brum?! haha!). The point I was trying to make is that I much more prefer 'raw' natural scents to anything else, and above any scent that exists, I LOVE lavender. Do you ever imagine running through a lavender field in Provence? Yeh, I wanna do that. But before I get my pennies together for a flight ticket, I indulge my skin in this ultimate lavender combo: Organic Surge Gentle Meadow body lotion & Saloos lavender facial oil.  

Lavender in basically any form is great for your skin. It's got antifungal & antiseptic properties which speed up healing & reduce scarring. Basically using lavender on your skin means it will heal faster from any sort of harm (breakouts, scratches - yes, I'm talkin about you Cookie! - if you haven't been reading my blog for long, I've got a new kitten. She's a tyrant. And she's already attempted to slice my veins & throat a few times, yay!). Apparently lavender oil is also great for treating rashes, eczema and even wrinkles! And finally, which is the most obvious thing - it's so relaxing & calming & is great if you have trouble falling asleep or suffer from nightmares. 

Organic Surge Gentle Meadow body lotion* smells exactly like fresh lavender. According to the label it contains organic lavender and geranium essential oils which soften & nourish skin, and I cannot disagree. I love using it after shower! In combination with fresh sheets, it's an ultimate lavender happiness for me! The scent lingers on skin for quite a while and makes it so so soft! I would say it feels as nourishing as oil, and even on my skin it does feel like I applied oil (a bit sticky) at first and then it sinks in my skin leaving nothing but scent and softness behind.   

Saloos lavender facial oil is a Czech product, but I'm sure any other lavender facial oil would do (I know they have some in Holland & Barrett). This one is not a pure lavender oil, as it contains a few other oils (Borago and others). You can use it on your face in the evening &/or in the morning and you can use it either on dry or damp skin. I tend to use it in the evening before I go to bed and on dry face. It makes my skin look really refreshed in the morning and sort of glowing? It's very similar to my rose oil in what it does, just the scent is much more relaxing the rose one, so it's the perfect scent to have floating around your room when goin to bed!  

You can get the Organic Surge body lotion for £5.99 off their website and it comes in a 200ml tub! Absolute bargain for a product that actual feels luxurious to me (the scent definitely is!). I really want to try their lavender shower gel and face wash too! Lastly keep in mind that fresh lavender is scent that not everyone is going to be keen on. No matter how madly I love it, my boyfriend thinks it smells too natural. Whatever it means and is not exactly thrilled when the room smells like a lavender field. Oh wells, not that it's gonna stop me using it, ha! 

What's your favourite floral/herbal scent in skin products?