As the meteorologists promised, we seem to be having a little summer comeback these days! Yay! I can finally take my beloved aviators for a walk in the sun, muhaha! What's a bit heartbreaking though is that I realized that all three pairs I own are somehow cracked *sigh*. I don't even know why I'm so surprised when I had them for years (literally!) & I got them from Primark! Browsing through the web, I found quite a few amaze ones which are worth checking out!  

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I'm one of those people that just can't pull of sunglasses. So in order to make myself feel a bit better I wear aviators - the sunglasses that make you look like a fly on purpose, not just because you look like a tit in any sunglasses. I've got a black pair (which looks a bit purple in certain light & to be honest.. it's not even my pair, it's my boyfriend's, ha! but I think it looks pretty damn good on me, right?!), then I've got a 'decent' pair in brown/golden design and a golden pair with mirror glasses, which I hate on other people, because you can't see their eyes (urgh!) but do love wearing them myself, hehe! The first pair is all lose, the second one is scratched that I can't properly see through them and the last one is just full on cracked (if I remember right, I  may have put a pile of books on them, ehm). 

These are a few pairs that I found on the ICON Eyewear website, which seems to have some coolio designs and pretty cheap prices (around £15 most of them). The first pair in lower row is my absolute favourite and costs just a tenner!

What's your favourite type of sunglasses?