Who doesn't like personalised things, right? I remember the boom with personalised t-shirts when I was younger (& my mum would have a t-shirt with my photograph made for my nan, oh my!) and much more recently the make-up bags (which personally I wasn't that much thrilled about). Now I like to think that I am an organised person with a sense for practicality (yeh, 100+ nail polishes & Peter Rabbit toy do sound like essentials for practical life me thinks!), so coming across personalised planners I may have made a little squeal! Let me introduce you to my Blog Planner for Cityscape Bliss!

Someone might think it's a tad too much to have a separate planner for your hobby but blogging does eat up a LOT of your time, at least of my time. Especially when you have a lot on your mind that you want to share and you have a full time job, plus finishing off your degree. Time management is something you learn to master in times like that & to be able to dedicate enough/not too much of my time to my little blog, I feel like I have to know what-when-where-how not to feel too lost. Since my blog is all about pretty things (at least I like to think so!), a pretty blog planner was in order! (I can now leave all the random sheets of paper with blog post notes behind, yay!)

Personal Planner is an online company that caters for people like me. You can design your own planner (and not only for your blog!). How cool is that?! Have a sneak peek into my planner that I've 'designed' for my blog. (I picked a regular planner and turned it into a blog planner because my laptop was playing up, eh, but you can have a blog planner straight away with a picture linked from your blog!).

You really do have a lot of freedom while designing your planner - you can pick different modules, bits & pieces, colours, and loads more. I went for a simple design, because I like planners to look 'sophisticated', plus I think that if it's black & white, all my notes that I make in colour are less likely to go unnoticed. I also like a lot of space for my scribbles and notes on the side, so I really kept it as simple as possible. At the back I've got my favourite quote which goes with my blog name. What I really love about the planner is that it comes with a little plastic pouch which you insert in the planner (wherever you need it) and can stick loose papers and other notes in it, so useful when I write up something on a post it and need not to loose it!   

Here are a few snaps of my blog planner in making... It's actually super easy and doesn't take long at all. You just upload pictures you want to be featured on the front & back page & choose they layout options! Voila! 

You can also choose what size you want to go for, I like my freedom of space so I went for big (which is a tad pricey, but hey-ho I damn love my blogging, so why not right!). 

You can go & design your own planner here! Also, do let me know if you make your own planner, I wanna see it! I've seen a few floating around lately and all of them are lush!

Do you keep organised when it comes to blogging?
Do you have a blog planner?