A few weeks ago I told you about the great shampoos I got from Lush - I got the Big Shampoo with sea salt and a Seanik solid shampoo bar. They are brilliant and I am still using them every week, but! It's good to have a sort of back-up in your stash, I'd say a rather regular good quality shampoo that you can take with you for a weekend away or just slap on your hair when you can't be bothered with all the salt and solidity of Lush. This little Glam Shine duo by Phil Smith is affordable AND does the job!

The packaging is I'd say standard, nothing extremely original, but it's definitely inoffensive. I like that they are upside down tubes, which always helps to prevent the shower time rage when I can't get out the last bit of shampoo and have to wait for ages with the bottle upside down (not mentioning the steady-ing procedure when you have to grab at least two other things to keep the bottle from falling since they always have to have tiny lids, urgh). The Ultimate Glossing Shampoo contains milk proteins and aims to deliver reflective glossy shine! It is a transparent liquid which has got an artificial scent, which reminds me of... something very clean? It's something between detergent (?!) and hairdressing salon, which might be a tad strong for someone but the scent developed in my hair to a nice subtle 'clean' scent, so all good! It does lather really well and made my hair feel nice and clean.

The Ultimate Glossing Conditioner contains avocado oil and gives your hair luxurious liquid shine. Whatever liquid shine is, it does make your hair nice and shiny without weighing it down too much. As with most conditioners, I do recommend applying it from below your ears down to avoid greasiness in your roots. The conditioner has a milky creamy consistency and does have a scent identical to the shampoo. 

You can get these 250ml tubes in Sainsbury's for £3.99 (talking affordable, right?) and in August they are running 2 for 1 offer, yay! So basically a massive tube of shampoo and a conditioner for less than £2 each! I would say this is worth grabbing when you shopping in Sainsbury's!

Have you tried any Phil Smith products before?