I'm not the greatest when it comes to wishlist because let's be honest - they make me sad. They make me realize how much money I do NOT have and do want to have and how many things I cannot have. Luckily, the new stock in Select is not only super pretty and 'me', but also quite affordable! What do I wanna pick (or maybe already picked, woops!)?

As I started reading fashion blogs and got a tad more into the whole fashionable vibe, I realized that the style I like the most is very simple, neat and I'd probably call it sophisticated. With an occasional outburst of cuteness (such as my kitten or panda hoodie). I really like when clothes is in basic colours, so I can combine it (read save money). I've never been too much of a fan of Select clothing, but over the past year or so their collection developed in something very pleasing to my eye (with an occasional weird neon or odd hideous glitter thrown in). I already got the black leggings with golden zippers (£16), which are such great quality! I'd say they feel like something from Zara?! Really thick and I think they look like a more sophisticated version of disco pants (they suck you in but don't reveal a lot!). I also got the black satchel with golden detailing (£12) which feels very Topshop-y to me, in both style & quality! Now to things I have not bought yet, but seriously consider buying...

Leopard print loafers (£10), which look like any more expensive loafers I've seen (the ones that everyone had were from Topshop?). They also have them in black. Next up, they have some really great shirts! They totally remind me of Zara! I really like the black sheer studded one (£14) and the owl print studded one (£16)! Then they also have a tad different shirt, which they call black waistcoat military blouse (£14), which I can imagine could look really nice for the summer-autumn transition. 

What clothes store has recently surprised you with a really nice collection?