I wish I was more photogenic and could pose for outfit pictures better. After taking about a million pictures, I look at them and they either look horrible or disproportional (I either have way too big head or arms... how odd?!). This weekend I braved it though, just to show off my favourite pink blazer and some new bits from Zara sale - yeh, crochet & lace (when will I have enough of lace?!).

I'm not a huge fan of Zara. Yeh, here you go - I said it. I do like most of the things there, I do like it on other people, but I absolutely hate trying on things there. 99% of Zara tops just have got too narrow sleeves. I always knew my upper arms were a tad bigger but c'mon, they are not a weight lifter arms! And yet, I still can't fit in Zara tops. Booo! After an hour and half of desperate trying on all sale bat sleeve tops I gave up and went to the 'cheapo' Zara section, picked up the first sleeveless thing I liked - a crochet vest top & oh my! This is my new favourite summer top! I wish I had a bit more tan as it would look ace with contrasting skin, but it'll do, it'll do. And although you apparently shouldn't combine lace-lace or lace-crochet, I say sod it! And wear it with my second Zara sale pick - black lace shorts.

Zara black lace shorts
Zara cream crochet top
Forever 21 black tank top
Jane Norman pink blazer (last year's sale, ha!)
H&M cream/grey suede wedges
Topshop earrings (also last year's sale!)
H&M bracelets + Vera Label bracelets

Do you like crochet pieces are are they too nanny-tablecloth-ey?