Since the first volume of 'a quid-per-item haul' was such a success and over the past week I picked up a few more bits that did excite me a tad more than healthy for Poundland, here's a volume two!

Recently there has been a little Stila boom in Poundland and as if I wouldn't pick up everything I found there, huh?! I know from Twitter that different Poundlands have got different stock, so don't get too excited that your Poundland will stock all this (fingers crossed though!). I found Stila SPF30 Oil-Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer, which surprisingly enough was in colour light (03) and matches my skin tone perfectly! Woop! Obviously when you get something for one pound that originally wasn't for one pound you go googling the original price right? To make it even more justified that you spent that quid on it. Now hold your horses... This tinted moisturizer when it was in Sephora retailed for $36 (about £22!). Get in! Then I found Stila Smooth Skin SPF15 Moisture Powder Foundation (refill) in shade A, which surprise surprise is a pale shade which will work for me in winter! I don't think that can be right, but somewhere online I found that the RRP was £28? Maybe for the actual foundation, but surely not for the refill? Still, would have been around £20 I'd guess! The last Stila I got the Stila Hair Refresher in Jade Blossom. Now if you don't click here, you won't believe me, but this product is still on the official website of Stila! How, Poundland, how?! This retails for $28 (about £18) and there was still loads and loads of stock in my Poundland! It's basically a little dry shampoo, which smells absolutely heavenly! I tried it once so far and it did a good job! 

The same shelf with Stila also has got loads of little bits of nail polishes, lip glosses and that sort. I was intrigued by this little black art pen called Pink Tease, which is well, not pink, but black (a bit confused here, heh!). It comes in a plastic bottle and I haven't tried it yet. What I've tried though is this Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen in Fuchsia Chrome (07). This is such a cool little thing! It's literally a nail polish in pen (but not an art pen, it's full on nail polish). You can get it in Ulta (USA) for $8 (about a fiver in the UK)... or in Poundland for a quid, ha! The colour is an amazing chromatic pink and just one coat is enough for a fully opaque colour! And the application is actually faster than with regular nail polish!   

You could have guessed that I picked up some CD's. Again. And A LOT of them. I picked Maroon 5 (because I can have them on repeat for hours), P!nk (Family Portrait is the best song by Pink!), Son of Dork (yes, ladies, yes - that's the band that one of the Busted boys was part of after Busted themselves fell apart!), Dido's Life for Rent (I don't need to justify that, right?), Lily Allen (I don't care that my boyfriend says I'm chavvy because I listen to her... *clenches a fist*), Kaiser Chiefs (which I have to listen to in my headphones, because apparently they are the worst band ever.. says the boyfriend), The Calling & Stereophonics (boyfriend's 90s/00s picks), Nelly Furtado (because who doesn't wanna be like a bird?!), Badly Drawn Boy (have YOU fed the fish yet?) and a little bit of Justin Timberlake & some Sophie Ellis-Bextor (because they both are hot!). I may have bought out the whole CD section, eh.   

What are your recent (& exciting) Poundland buys?