If you've been following me on Instagram (cityscapebliss), then you know I stopped in local drugstore yesterday to have a little sneaky look what's it all about & spotted this little bottle for about 80-90p (conversion rates are not my friend, huh)! And you know what it instantly reminded me of? The infamous Topshop lipstick in Infrared! Essence in Wake Up! 

I've already had a few nail polishes from the Colour & Go line by Essence, but never really paid too much attention to them. Thought that they were alright, but still found Topshop & Revlon being on the top of my fave list. When I snapped this little beaut, I thought the colour was just so similar to Infrared, it was unreal, but behold! When I put it on my nails - it took 1 single thin coat to look full on opaque and it had no streaks in it whatsoever, even with my crappy application skills, it looked pretty perfect! Like, seriously - some OPI nail polish (they are about a tenner a bottle, aren't they?) are one hell to apply and this little 80p baby took 1 coat, dried within seconds (I dare say I finished one hand and the first nail was already dry!). Even if it starts chipping after a day, it would be worth it! 

Taking pictures of the shade and keep it true to colour is just as hard as taking pictures of Topshop lipsticks, but look at the shade of the nail polish, and look at the Infrared lipstick I used for one of my previous posts below!

Excuse the ridiculous overexcitement, haha, I just felt an urge to share this little bit of superficial happiness with you! I know that you can get these nail polishes all over Europe (I believe in Germany, Austria as well) and also in Ireland!

Have you tried any of Essence Colour & Go nail polishes?
What's your favourite shade?