As I've already mentioned before, I'm back in Czech Republic for a two weeks holiday, yay! It's amazing to be back home, with mum that cooks dinner & dad who switches on the heating as soon as I start moaning, haha, but what's another cool thing about this is that I'm able to get my mitts on a ton of foreign beauty things, yes yes yes! For next two weeks you can therefore expect some crazy non-English things, as well as a bit of poor English skills (my English goes downhill as soon as I start just listening to Czech, oh wells). The first thing I wanna share with you is this beauty supplement - GS Eladen: for beautiful & healthy hair, skin & nails.

To make everything clear - I wouldn't have known about this without reading this lovely Czech blog, which always seems to have incredibly useful posts! That was the initial place where I read a real positive review on this supplement and over the next half a year I kept spotting these little capsules on other blogs with just as good (or even better!) reviews. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that my nails are total rubbish (5% genetically, 95% or more my own fault - chronic biting, acrylics, glue.. you name it) and I would do anything to change their paper-like state to anything at least remotely resembling normal nail thickness. So here I am, the first thing I had to acquire in Czech was GS Eladen - the miraculous supplement which after just 3 months of usage should make my nails rock-hard, my hair reach bum-lengths & my skin glow like sun. Now, why do I have such high hopes? Because a few beauty bloggers said so? Maybe! And maybe because of all this...    

GS Eladen apparently contains a crucial combination of amino-acids, vitamins & minerals called Keratin Activating Formula, which is supposed to create a support mechanism for growth & metabolism of keratocytes (those are the cells in your body that are responsible for nail/hair/skin growth & renewal, and which are super sensitive to lack of nutrients, so as soon as they don't get enough of this or that they basically fail to work properly). This combination of amino-acids, vitamins & minerals is according to the product description based on most recent dermatological research in the field, woah!

I bought a pack of 70 capsules & you are meant to take 1-2 a day for at least 3 months to see a real difference (hm, will have to buy another pack when I run out, doh!). One pack was a tenner (although it was on sale, the regular price is about £15 I think). I therefore pledge that I will be eating 1-2 of these every day for next 3 months & report back on this (if still alive, eh). 

Just a little bonus that came with the pack was a little (well, good sized to be fair- 75ml) sample of a traditional Czech Manufaktura body cream made with 'original thermal salt and unique spa ingredients' and pears & honey. Used it once so far, but it does have a really nice subtle scent, reminds me a bit of that 'clean cute baby' scent if that makes any sense, haha! and made my legs feel lush smooth, mmmm!

To get more information about this, you can read here or here, but be prepared (read: have a Google translator tab up!) - it's all in Czech and I haven't found any information in English so far, meh, sorry. I've been searching for where to buy this in England, but haven't succeeded either, so if you do wish to purchase this now or after I see the results & report them to you (fingers crossed!), just drop me an e-mail or a tweet & I try to help you (I'm nice like that & I don't even get paid for it, aha!).

Have you tried any beauty supplements like this one?
Have they worked for you?