While at home I realised how practical it would be for a blogger to live in the countryside! You can take outfit pictures anywhere anytime (as long as it's not raining) and noone says a boo. While trying to take pictures in the city centre of Brum or even around canals, I usually get annoying comments of random lads walkin by. Pfft. Now my parents' house is about 3km from the closest town, it's pretty much right next to a forest, so we get about 2 cars drivin pass a day. The road seemed like a pretty cool place to take outfit pictures then, haha! Let me introduce you my cream lace H&M dress!

You could have seen this dress already in black some time ago here. And since it's so comfy and so pretty, I picked it up in cream colour as well! And to be honest with you, I rarely pick two same pieces just in different colours, seems like a bit of waste of money to me. Well not this time! The only difference I noticed was that this one, although the exactly same size, is a bit shorter? Or maybe my bum just got a bit bigger while on holidays with constant supply of homemade food, haha!   

H&M lace dress
E-Bay black suede wedges
Vintage pearl necklace & earrings I borrowed from my mum 
Primark tights

Where do you like taking your outfit pictures, bloggers?