What a cliche! Oh my. Nevermind. The point is that because you lovely lot managed to brave through my two weeks of constant tweeting, instagraming & blogging about my home country, the infamous Czech Republic, I thought you really deserved a treat! (or two... or maybe four?!) Hence I'm bringing you this teeny weeny giveaway in Czech style! Something you can't buy in the UK, but I believe it could be interesting for your adventurous souls! 

As you could have guessed (doh!), there are four things to win in a bundle (only one winner!). First there are two Manufaktura products - a lip balm & a relaxing face mask. Manufaktura is a traditional Czech company which makes pretty damn cool products with the most random but still traditional Czech flavours & scents! The ones we've got here are a lip balm with Shea butter & grapewine and a beer face mask with brewer's yeast & Shea butter! Nom nom nom!

Then there are two nail polishes by Essence, because I've been instagramin them like mad, and although they are a well cheapo thing, they are damn good quality (at least I think so, haha!). There's one in C'est la vie & one in A lovely secret

Now, I've never used a rafflecopter giveaway widget before, so it might end up with a few unexpected glitches, but let me try to figure it out, haha! Just enter all your details below & it should work out!
One winner only!
Open to UK & Ireland only!
(It would be sorta redundant to have a winner from Czech Republic, right? Haha! And you can buy Manufaktura in the US too, I believe!) 

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