I think that the lack of pink colour in my childhood (don't remember my mum dressing me up overly girly since we lived in a village and I was rolling in the mud 99% of the time) caused an immense inclination to pink tones in the years to come. Do I ever make any other face of the day than pink? Oh wells, I hereby pledge that next time I'll make my brain get more involved and come up with more original face of the day! Or not.  

Today I used a few things that I've never used before, and I have to tell you, all three products are pretty damn good! First of all, I haven't included this one below, since it's got nothing to do with my face - it's Yves Rocher raspberry vinegar for shiny & glossy hair! Even though it says on the bottle that you should put it on damp hair and rinse it off, I put it on dry hair and it's aaahmazing! It a) smells like a raspberry heaven and b) it made my hair so soft and shiny it's unreal! Definitely be on a look out for a post about this little miracle bottle soon! 

The next thing that I've used for the first time was Vichy Idealia - smoothing & illuminating cream (paraben free). I'm not a primer type of girl, I just slap on as little as I need and am off, but I got a little sample in magazine yesterday and thought I mite as well use it now rather than carry it back as an extra in my suitcase. Wo, wo, wo, that little thing (I used a pea sized amount all over my face and Ginvera bb cream on the top) made my face look so smooth and glowy! For past week and something I've been using Benefit POREfessional since I fell in the mainstream with the Glamour boom - first I thought it was pretty good, pore-minimising-wise. After that first week though it got a bit more... meh. I don't know, probably don't know how to use primers properly. But this Vichy thing?! I'll give it a few more goes and if it's as amazing as it's performed today I might hunt down a full size (yeh, I did just say that!). 

Finally, I used my mum's new mascara - Essence multi action false lashes! Not bad for about 2 quid, not bad! Looks rather natural, which I think is great for everyday's wear, however it is a bit tricky to use since the new mascara has got super wet consistency and I admit I did poke my eye lid a few times with the wet wand, oh wells.  

 MUA immaculate collection palette
MeMeMe arch angel
Topshop cream blush in Flush
Ginvera bb cream
Essence multi action false lash mascara
Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake
Vichy Idealia

And a little cuddly bug/Peony blossom bonus at the end, took this picture earlier this week in our garden, aren't they adorable!

What's your secret to achieve a lovely glowy face?
Have you tried Vichy Idealia?