Let's get back into my comfort zone for a day and let the day 9 of this fashion challenge be about make-up! I bet every other blogger (at least) gets this brain thing, when you see something you're really intrigued by, don't buy it (cuz it seems/is too expensive)& then next few days you can't stop thinkin about how you should have bought it because your brain could focus on much more important things such as poverty tourism and no-budget marketing campaigns (if you are a tourism student). Well, that's what probably happens to people normally anyways. But me? I go and read about a ton of reviews and although 99% of them happen to say there's something wrong with the product, I still can't get my thoughts away from it. And when I decide that maybe it's time to buy it and try it on my own skin, it's sold out! Argh. Yes, talkin about you Topshop Skin Tint!     

This is definitely an item at the top of my wishlist. Seriously, I've been walkin around this tinted moisturiser like a wild cat on a hunt for, oh my, about a year?! How ridiculous and pathetic, it's a tenner which I don't like spending unless I'm sure it's a great product, now I can read all the reviews and everything, I shouldn't be left wasting my money, right?

Beauty Boutique says it's amazeballs.
Helen Rambles On how much yellow toned it is.
The Beauty Bite mentiones that the smell is not exactly the most pleasant.
Do Not Refreeze noticed it has got no SPF.
A Model Recommends that it's a great product, if you don't mind it feels horrid on your skin.
& Beauty Rambles had a real bad case of greasy face goin on after this so chucked it straight away!

Me says: I love Topshop make-up, there's not a single thing so far that I wouldn't adore (although to be fair, I have no feelings whatsoever when it comes to Topshop clothes, eh). Are you, little buddy, gonna be the first one that will dissappoint me? (If they ever stock you up again, obviously, doh!)

Do you have any supremely controversial item at the top of your wishlist?
Does your purchase behaviour get influenced by peer bloggers?