In my previous post about my favourite pattern you've quite liked the suspender tights I was wearing with my black lace dress. I pretty much shop for tights only in Primark and I think they only had one or two styles of these tights, so I had a little think where to get more patterns for more or less Primark prices (I admit, I am scared to death to wear tights for more than £4 because they just rip instantly on me, no matter what I do). This is what I discovered!

It wouldn't be me if the first thing popping in my head wouldn't be E-Bay, right? Here's one seller I found that sells 15 different 'stocking type' tights for mere £4 a pair! I can't judge on quality, but I've already ordered some, so can review them later if you would like that? Let me know in the comments below and now let's have a look at the pretty tights the seller offers!

How cool are these!? The first pair in the last row sorta reminds me of the infamous Topshop ones, don't you think? 

You can see the listing here since the location states it is in the UK, hopefully the delivery won't be too long! Some feedback says that the quality is not amazing, but I think it's worth a try for the price! Anyways, you can always try to find another seller with suspender tights, there are looooads floating around E-Bay!

What do you think of suspender/stockings tights? 
Do you think they add a lovely detail to your outfit or make it look pure 'slutty'?