My wardrobe does not really change that much during the year to be honest, I try to buy items that can be combined and layered to suit all sorts of weather (not that we have a really diverse weather over here in England, huh). One thing I started really liking this spring though are suede wedges.  

I really do love the way high heels look but they are just impossible to walk in for me, no matter how high, no matter what shape, it's just not gonna happen (I even tried watching how to youtube videos, yeh, that's how much I would love to be able to walk in them, still not happening). When I discovered that wedges are something I can at least somehow walk in (not that I look that good swinging from side to side and breakin my ankle every other step - once a random woman ran to me thinkin that I actually broke my foot, oh well), it was like a miracle. Also, the ones I adore so much are made of (the ones I can afford obviously) imitation of suede, which I think adds a nice detail to an outfit and works well for both day & night!

What is probably the only downside is that walkin in rain ruins them, so this English spring is not exactly the ideal weather for them! Argh.

I've got this cream (they call it a mole colour - thought mole were black?) pair from H&M, which was about £20:

And the other pair I've got off E-Bay (and I'm still waiting for it, uh!). It was only a tenner with postage from this seller. I can report back on their quality once their in my hands (or well on my feet, ha!) if you would be interested!  

What's your secret tip to make walking in high heels more comfortable (or at least bearable)?