Okay, I can just admit it straight away - today's challenge is just too difficult for me. I'm not that outfit conscious that I would remember what particular outfit makes me enjoy the moment, guess it's not really a big deal for me. So I picked three outfits (two of them rather skin-change than clothes related to be honest), that I was wearing on three particular date nights, all of them leaving some great memories in my little head. Let Saturday be the day of rest (& absolute silliness)!    

The first date was with the big bad wolf and I was wearing my dead Red Riding Hood outfit - red cape and some bones poking out, can you even get sexier than that?!  

Mr Warhol was a bit surprised by my visit, so I just kept it simple black/white in case he wanted to paint me (so the colours wouldn't clash, you know).

My blue me with a hint of daisiness on the top of it for the right smurf impression (& a ridiculously looking smurf mate, haha!).

What's the most ridiculous outfit you ever worn (read fancy dress)?