I'm slowly but surely getting used to the fact that there will be no summer in England this year. Like, none. At all. Just look outside and then look at the weather forecast. Today's max is 13°C (yay!) in Brum, but on Tuesday it's meant to go down below 10°C. Amazing summer, huh? That means not only freezing, but also real inclination to dark colours rather than trendy pastels & neons. Here's my OOTD for a lazy weekend walks in the city centre & some studying at home.   

Grey jumper, H&M
Black leggings with leather inserts, H&M
Black suede flats, H&M

Now let me go a bit into depth about the Oasap bag. When I was choosing it from the Oasap website, it looked quite, erm, sturdy? So when I got it and it was all super soft, I was surprised. First I thought it was a bit strange, sorta like.. not such a good quality. Nevertheless, then I realised that it reminds me of something. And if you follow me on Twitter, you know what it was. This bowknot bag has got really similar material to the Zara one, that all bloggers are crazy about at the moment! It's unbelievably soft & nice to touch! I've been carrying it around whole day in the city centre and you can fit so much in! It's really light because of the material, so it doesn't even get that heavy (like some of my Primark bags, that are for some reason heavy even when they are empty, ha!). It has got both long strap and handles, and the bows on side are just tied up, so you can either remove them or just tie them up on different parts of the bag!

The only downside is that I thought I'd fit a laptop in it, but the zipper sits in such a way that you cannot put the laptop in. Not that I carry my laptop around that much anyways!  

I was a bit sceptical at the beginning (I don't usually trust products I can't physically see/touch), but I think this little bag is quickly gonna become my every day favourite, not only because of the classy design but also because of the soft soft soft leather like material! For £18.90 it's a bargain! Check other colours on Oasap here!

What's your favourite online shop with handbags?