The other day I've been browsing through my blog reading list and stumbled upon this clever article by Karla Powell for MUA - about creative uses of nail varnishes (obviously other than nail painting, doh!). After all, nail varnishes are just little bottles of paint, so why not use them as an actual paint for all sorts of things - hair pins, or... shoes?! Yes, I painted my old black high heels Louboutin-style & the result doesn't look bad at all! Look! 

This ain't no big deal! I just took my old black high heels (I got this pair about 3 years ago off E-bay for about 3 quid if I remember right?), which I've been wanting to chuck for ages but never got to do it - they are super scratched and been through loads of nights of dancing. Thought if something goes wrong, I won't regret it! I took a sellotape (to tape the edges, so I don't paint more than the soles with my wobbly hands, and a red nail varnish (done 2 coats because the first one was more pink-toned than I wanted it to be). Oh, and a pair of little scissors if you will be cutting the straps off like me. That's all you need!

For a pair of shoes that I wanted to throw away, I think they might survive for a few more nights out! Think they look pretty Louboutin-esque!

Thank you Karla, for a creative DIY idea!

Have you tried any DIY shoes? Maybe studded a pair or two?